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21 years old Ukraine Sumy

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Ruslana 21 years old Ukraine Sumy, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Looking for:

Ideal relationship I see a strong and courageous man near me that can protect and support me in a difficult situation. I want us to have something to talk about, what to keep silent about and what to laugh about. Appearance does not matter because the main thing for me - the soul!

About me:

Questions about myself have always led me to a dead end. But it’s still worth telling. I am ukrainian lady a rather active person, I love sports, dancing, and singing. I can say that dancing is my food, and singing is my air. I also like to keep up the conversation on various topics. And I love listening to other people's stories)) May I answer the remaining questions during a personal conversation? Because I think there must always be a mystery in the girl)))

My travel destinations (past or future):

France, Strasbourg

My favorite food:

I really like to cook salty dishes, meat dishes, from my favorite Pasta Carbonara, meat in French and I like to eat All kinds of pasta, Tiramisu, Caesar salad and Greek

Pets in my life:

I love animals very much, I have a cat and a dog, a Scottish cat, a Cane Corso dog

My hobbies and what I'm good at:


Talking about sports:

As a child, I went to gymnastics, at the moment I visit the gym