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22 years old Ukraine Kherson

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Viktoriya 22 years old Ukraine Kherson, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Looking for:

I want my man to be strong and brave. So that I could feel his strength and be with him a weak woman. I want him to be fun and serious in specific situations, understand when appropriate. My man must be smart and versatile, just like me. So that we always talk about different topics and this does not cause discomfort. I want him to be reliable, because I want to be sure that I will be protected at any minute and supported. I want to see my man romantic. After all, it is so wonderful to walk in the park under the moon, or near the sea and have dinner under the starry sky.

About me:

I am a very open and sincere person. I like to communicate with new people and learn the characteristics of each person. I am a family man and a housewife. I like to cook and create a cozy atmosphere in the house. I like to dream, especially before bed. After all, it seems to me that every dream can come true if you make a wish correctly. I like to have fun and laugh, joke and have a nice time, both in the company and in the family circle. I am an honest person, and I will always tell the truth in the eye, no matter how heavy it is. After all, I believe that the truth always wins.

My goals for the future:

Learn to dance oriental dances

My travel destinations (past or future):

Egypt, Turkey, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, France

My favorite movies, books, music, shows:

Christopher Paolini «Eragon»,

My favorite food:

Pasta Carbonara

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I really like to paint. As a child, I went to art school and did it professionally. Now it is my hobby. When I get sad or fun, I can embody it in my paintings. I also do swimming and in this way maintain my physical form. I like to sing. In my spare time, when I stay at home, I like to watch various serials and films. I also like to travel. Traveling around the world I learn a lot new and unusual, since the mentality in each country is different. Over the weekend, I can invite my friends to visit and spend the evening in great company.

Talking about sports:


The five things I can't live without:

Keys, phone, wallet, passport, scrunchy