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37 years old Russia Orenburg

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Dilya 37 years old Russia Orenburg, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

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I dream about relationships with man who I love and who loves me – and that's all. It's so simple that it's difficult to believe in it. I don't have any high standards or expectations. It doesn't matter for me where he lives, how much he earns, if he has kids or no... If I feel happy and loved next to him – it's the main for me... All other things – are details and nuances...

About me:

I am always very positive, always smiling and in a good mood! I love to see people happy around me so I want to make my man and family the happiest in the world! I am ready to enjoy this life every minute! Are you ready for endless happiness with me? I love to paint, write poetry, I love to dance - I feel that every person should have something which makes him feel happier...Maybe for you this something is going to be me and my dancing?) I love just walking outdoors, I love to travel.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:



fitness trainer