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26 years old Ukraine Kharkov

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ID: 242926
Ekaterina 26 years old Ukraine Kharkov, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Looking for:

I am looking for a loving, caring, reliable and honest man with who I can always feel secure and safe. Also my man is expected to be supportive, helpful and attentive to me. In my turn I promise to give all this back because in my view relationship is always something like "give-and-take". If you are ready to give and take back, to spend your life with a loving wife, please drop me a word, I would be happy to hear from you and learn you.

About me:

I am a young ladies who knows what she wants from life. I always have my own opinion on everything in life and that is why most people say that I am mentally much older than my age is. I do believe in love and I think people should marry for love only. I am a many sided personality and they say I am a very creative one. I am fond of dancing and photography. My dream is to become a famous photographer. I like Maths and everything which can be connected with fingers)