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19 years old Ukraine Kremenchug

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ID: 401459
Anastasiia 19 years old Ukraine Kremenchug, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Status: I'm so happy

Looking for:

I'd like to meet my dream guy. I want him to be caring, loyal, kind, brave, romantic. To surprise me and give gifts without any excuse. I dream that we travel with him very often and that we will definitely visit Bali. I want my boyfriend to make our lives look like the nicest, kindest and most beautiful fairy tale. It is very important to me that we can be on the same wave. So we can laugh with jokes together. So that he can lift my mood even on the darkest day.

About me:

I really like to achieve goals, from childhood I was taught this. I can help someone who needs help. It happens if I do not want to do something, but it is necessarily necessary, then it is easier to do everything as it should from the first time, so as not to redo. I believe that everything should be done correctly the first time, but this does not always work out. Sometimes, like all girls, I can damage. In my free time from study, I am engaged in self-development, or rest. My self-development lies in the hobbies that I choose and that I like. I love singing, dancing and painting. Although I rarely draw, good drawings are obtained. I really like to joke, but it can be difficult, because all people have their own sense of humor. Since childhood, I have been engaged in sports, specifically, then swimming. I am a master of sports in swimming. In my free time I go to the pool and improve my skills.


Also, I study at two universities in two different specialties: enterprise economics and hotel and restaurant business.