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23 years old Ukraine Pavlograd

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Anastasiya 23 years old Ukraine Pavlograd, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Status: Summer is the best

Looking for:

I am interested in finding a purposeful and responsible man with good sense of humor and kind big heart. These qualities are very important to me as well as honesty, respect and care! It is exactly that things, I am ready to give him too. Loving, strong and a bit sensitive man is my dream and I can it will come true here.

About me:

Hello, my name is Anastasia. I am a gentle, well-educated and kind woman with great willpower and purposeful character. I have a big hobby, when I was 8 years old mom took me to the model school and till nowadays I am professional model, clothes-shows, fashion and stage in my blood. I like it and it is a hobby for me, which brings me money. Still, my real job I do, I am financier in a local company. Have a lot of troubles at office and each day fixing a lot of business. I am not sure that it is mine. I feel more like I wish to create a family and start my own family life. I do not want to build career. I want mutual love, mutual feelings, own family! Beloved man and maybe children more. I do not know how it will work. I am not looking for a young boy of my age and there are a big reason on such my design. It is more personal and if you are interested I will answer on this question more personal here. Do not want to write it here on my page. I do not like the fact that locally many people and many men know well that I am model and trying to take me as a victim-doll, in this business there are a lot of danger and secrets. I am doing sport and keep healthy life style. I think, that time will come and I will close my hobby. I am lonely in this life and I will be honest I even do not have real friend. I had to travel a lot before the Covid. My heart knows no boundaries of love, it is an inexhaustible source. I am going to move in the nearest future, that is why I am ready to leave. I want to live more close to the mountains or to the sea, or ocean. I do not where I will go, but I am sure we shall decide it together with my beloved man, who knows, maybe it is you now reading this lines? Imagine? I have also one little secret about my body. It is unusual but interesting and nice, positive moment of me, I am lady-secret. Still, I hope with me man we shall have NO secrets and will never wear masks, I can add that I like animals, I have two Sphynx cats (Markiz and Kasandra). Also, I enjoy reading and learning foreign languages. I will stop here. You may answer me any question you like. Thank you ;)

My travel destinations (past or future):

I dream to visit India.

My favorite movies, books, music, shows:

I enjoy reading books at my free time. My favorite genres is detective, novel, history and psychology.

Pets in my life:

I have two Sphinx cats.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

Yoga, stretching, photographing, modeling, management.

You should message me if:

You are serious and kind-hearted guy ;)


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