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I am looking for a man who is ready to accept me thee way I am. For me, it is important that my man does not want to change me and loves me as I am. And of course I will do the same…As when you are in love, you are not looking for flaws. Right? And for me it is important to know that my man has a good heart. I am a kind person myself, and do not let rudeness and cruelty into my life. I would like to have a calm and merry life, with all the bright colors it can give us.

About me:

Have you ever seen a woman who can just stop and tell you everything she feels at this very moment? ))) This is me…Of course being too direct sometimes is not good, but I try to be honest with myself and with people who surround me. I am a reliable person and always ready to help, not only with words, but with actions. Being decisive and strong woman, I still try not to be the leader. I think that a man should be a head and a leader… One of my main traits is that I am able not only to listen to, but to hear. Understanding is very important in every relations…Do you agree?
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