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26 years old Ukraine Odessa

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Tatiana 26 years old Ukraine Odessa, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

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Despite all the seething and boiling passions - in relationships I am a very understanding and loyal person! I am not capricious, and I do not build illusions. But I believe that it would be magical to find a decent man and for a serious relationship. To build them and fill them with feelings, different events, the first experiences, the thrill of love and incipient passion. I want to live my life with the man I love, in love every day will be like a gift from heaven. We will manage to keep and multiply our happiness and carry it through the years. I believe that love is a feeling that will find us everywhere. This feeling can win the heart of anyone and make a sad person - the happiest! I'm looking for someone who will feel me. I want to be with someone who connects with my inner world. Someone who will open all horizons with me. I am looking for a man with whom we will become one!

About me:

Very often I hear in my address that I am a very kind and reliable person. I have family values, I care and help people, I always keep my word and do good deeds. As a woman I am very full of bright emotions, multifaceted and feminine. I have fire and calmness, tenderness and bubbling power of passion. It seems to me a man who will be with me will never be bored. I want to find that same feeling which will excite the heart and mind and make me beloved and desired. I just want to hug you in the morning, make breakfast with coffee, say good morning, dear, and you will kiss me on the cheek. And this is real happiness for me! I think that an ideal relationship is based on harmony between two people. This means that they must correspond very well to each other, have common goals and interests, mutual respect and understanding.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I make jewelry from beads