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32 years old Ukraine Odessa

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Elena 32 years old Ukraine Odessa, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

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There is no firm criterion for me, it is just a person I will like. Of course such simple qualities like kind heart, being responsible and reliable are important… But usually I do not pick up separate qualities, I just like a person the way he is, with all advantages and drawbacks. For me it is important to live in peace and harmony. So we should have same views on some things.

About me:

The only way to know me is to meet me in person. Don’t you think? ))) But still I have to tell you something to make you want to meet me :) Being an easy-going and communicative lady, I can talk on any topic. I like learning new things and sharing my experience with other peope. The most important thing in life is being positive. I believe that if your way of thinking is positive and no drama in life, then you will reach all our goes and of course you will have harmony in our soul and life. My character is really mild and simple. Quests and games are not for me. I prefer to be clear and honest from the very beginning… Wearing masks is not for me, we are not in the theater and sooner or later it will appear a drama. So, just be yourself, treat other the same way you want to be treated by them and enjoy every minute of life- this is my secret of happiness. And what about you?