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18 years old Ukraine Vinnitsa

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Irina 18 years old Ukraine Vinnitsa, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Status: Real intimacy usually starts from afar.

Looking for:

I think that my fate is in my hands. I don't want to rely on hap. I prefer to act ;)) It is the reason why I'm here :) I know what I want. I need a passionate admirer, true friend, interesting company, a masculine man. I'm young and full of energy. I have so much tenderness and love in me and I'm looking for the one to be bestowed with all of this. I need a man who would support and understand me, would give care as well as freedom. Besides I think that lack of personal space spoils relationships. Also in my opinion beloved person gets a source of vital force, joy and happiness. I want to be loved :)

About me:

I'm intelligent, beautiful and romantic. Also I'm purposeful and confident. I have many goals and I plan to achieve them. I'm very kind and reliable, often dreamy, with my thoughts and feelings open. I'm always very sincere and totally cannot lie ;) What about my personal beliefs? I believe that every person always deserves the second chance, and it is possible for everyone to change oneself. And I think that for a human it is natural to want more constantly. Dissatisfaction makes people moving on, achieving their goals, fulfilling their dreams. That is why I wont stop improving, no matter how perfect I am ;)