Irina 18 years old Ukraine Odessa

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Irina 18 years old Ukraine Odessa, Russian bride profile,

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I want to find a real man who loves me... I was very disappointed in the Ukrainians... I hope that I will be able to be truly loved and appreciated as a woman) I want to find a friendly family and go with my loved one abroad) My man should only love me) I will be able to cook for him the most delicious meals, be his support and home front in the family) We will be able to bring up together our children worthy and decent people) A man should be well educated, Our family will be an example, as spouses are obliged to yield to each other, make compromises and make joint decisions) I am here to find real feelings)

About me:

Lonely and gentle nature in search of love... I have always been the right girl in my life, listened to my parents and dreamed like everybody else of beautiful love... Life today is complicated and everything depends only on you! At 18 I decided to start with a number sheet... I choose my own way... I study English, I want to travel... I work as a laboratory assistant in the department at the university) My life is fun and varied) I love the noise of the sea, seagulls and nature.... I am throwing that the day will come when I will walk barefoot along the coast with my loved one... The main thing for me is human feelings and honesty... Everything else comes and goes... or everything else you can earn... Love is a feeling that comes unselfishly, not for anything.... That's all that comes!


University laboratory assistant
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