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39 years old Ukraine Cherkassy

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ID: 663683
Svetlana 39 years old Ukraine Cherkassy, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Status: give me a fairy tale

Looking for:

In men I value masculinity and charisma! It is important for me to feel protected and be a girl next to my man!

About me:

I am bright and unusual! Not like everyone else, and it doesn't always have a good effect on my life! I am very open, naive and gullible! In everything and in all people I see only positive sides! I got burned more than once, but I never learned from my mistakes! I still believe in goodness and in a fairy tale! People tend to be wrong, I never take offense and always forgive! I want to meet the same incorrigible optimist like me, I want to fall in love, to meet a man who will never offend me or betray me! Who will love me with childish naivety and easy character! I give warmth to everyone!


Self employed