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26 years old Ukraine Kremenchug

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Aleksandra 26 years old Ukraine Kremenchug, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

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The man of my dreams is my protector who will protect me and treat me with tenderness. I dream of finding a strong, but at the same time affectionate person who will be ready to give me happiness. A sense of humor is very important for a man, because I really want my morning to always start with a smile. And in response to this, I am ready to give a smile and care to my man. Masculinity for me is wisdom, because only a wise man knows exactly how to give joy to his woman. All these qualities seem very ordinary, but it really matters to me. This is much more important than status or a beautiful jacket. A woman should be an adornment of a worthy man. If reading this, you see yourself in the text, then maybe this is a sign and fate has long decided everything? Nowadays it is difficult to find a good man, but I believe that you are!


I am a romantic person who can find romance even in the most ordinary things. A cup of coffee in the morning, a small flower in the hand of a strong man, view of the sunset through the window. I always wanted to live near the sea, because it is there that I feel happy. The depth of the sea is my soul. She is just as mysterious, but at the same time bewitching. I cook well and love to pamper my loved ones with delicious lunches and dinners. This is not just a mechanical process for me, it’s an art, because to create beautiful things I do best.For the holidays, I usually bake duck in caramelized apple sauce. This smell and taste can not be compared with anything. Do you want to try a piece of the most tender meat? For many years I have been making music and playing the piano. My dream is to give my music to the world, but first of all to my man. It is very inspiring and soothing after a hard day. Most of all in this world, I value family and friendship. It’s easy for me to find a common language with a person, as I have a good sense of humor. In my environment, I love these very qualities.