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31 years old Ukraine Kremenchug

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Darya 31 years old Ukraine Kremenchug, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Looking for:

I dream of meeting a real wizard :) A man who will hug me as if I were his most precious treasure! With a big heart and a sympathetic soul. Ready for the girl's exploits! I really like serious men who can protect in any situation. They will help to carry bags or simply give a hand at the exit from the transport. This also contains masculine strength. If you feel that our hearts hear each other and you are ready to plunge into this adventure - write to me without wasting a minute!

About me:

How do you look at the dreamy, caring and cheerful girl next to you? If that's what you need, you've found it! I can't swim or ride a bike. But I believe that there will be a daredevil who will teach me. I am very purposeful and responsible, so I will definitely be wearing a helmet during lessons))) The world around is sometimes so monotonous, so I like to read fantasy. Imagine being fought for me in duels or intergalactic wars! Sometimes you want to feel like a child and watch cartoons where good always triumphs over evil. Maybe I just lack a big good feeling in life. Love! I think it's better to watch a comedy and have some fun than to be sad. How about arranging a movie evening with me?) I promise, you definitely won't have to be sad!

Qualities that I appreciate in people the most:

I really appreciate honesty, kindness, sense of humor, responsiveness and decency

My goals for the future:

I have a dream - to voice a cartoon or a cartoon character. Try yourself in dubbing

My travel destinations (past or future):

I want to go to Italy, to visit Berlin. I was in Poland, I also want to visit this country again to see more

My favorite movies, books, music, shows:

I liked the new movie "Soul" very much, my favorite book is "The Master and Margarita", I am delighted with instrumental music, but I also love dynamic and driving)

My favorite food:

I love baking very much)

Pets in my life:

All the time there were cats, but now I try to live without pets, although I still love them


I work as a secretary in a college