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32 years old Ukraine Kirovograd

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Anna 32 years old Ukraine Kirovograd, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Looking for:

Soul-mate, best friend, partner, equal, confidant and lover. I hope I am not too picky? Someone who will accept me for who and what I am and I in turn will return the same level of respect. Someone to continue this journey of life with.

About me:

First and foremost, I love life! I love to laugh, laughter is the medicine of the ages. I like candle lit dinners and cuddling by a fire on a rainy day. I realize I am not perfect but I am always willing to be a better woman. This life is a journey, we might as well learn from it. And because I m not so, you know, perfect! I do not expect perfection in others. We all have our peccadilloes, it's not a matter of the perfect person, but the perfect person to be your soul-mate and accepting of who they are. Oh yes, trust, the cornerstone of any relationship and I do value it s importance.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I am interested in many things. I like reading, especially books about characters who seem like ordinary people, facing difficulties and finding a way out of them, making mistakes and overcoming them to achieve happiness. It is very exciting for me to follow the plot with many events and adventures, and I also like books which show that the good will survive in any circumstances. What about other hobbies of mine, I like to listen to music. I enjoy different sorts of tunes, but most of all I like cheerful songs, that rise up my mood. I am a supporter of a healthy way of life. I like to keep fit and take a good care of myself. Sport, excursions and camping is what I value very much.