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23 years old Ukraine Kherson

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Anna 23 years old Ukraine Kherson, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Looking for:

All that i need in man is that he would be gentle and know how to treat a woman correct! Age doesn't play an important role in relations, because i think that this is a chance of sharing knowledge between each others. Yes, i know that i am maybe not that elder than women here, but i know how to make a man shine and bright like a young boy again! In the near future i see a good and solid man behind me, that would help any time that i ask. At the same time, i will share with him all my big heart, and will help him to believe in miracle, that i know for sure he wants so much! I believe that each person deserve to be happy all the time, and make everybody around happy also. I am not running for wealth, because i know that even a hut is paradise with the man you love. I hope that my future man will not only be at work all the time, but that he will also pay attention to me, what i miss so much. There are a millions men all over the world, but i decided to try my luck here, and who knows maybe it really works.

About me:

I am happy, energetic and active person, who wants to share this with everyone. I like to travel around the world, walk alone or with friends, read interesting books and articles, listen to the music and watch dramas, as all women. I try to have current day not as yesterday, just make a life little bit colorful.

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

I enjoy life for each of 100 percent, every second and every moment. But sometime i feel so lonely, that is why there is one hole deep in my heart, it is called "love". So i am looking for someone to make the puzzle finally complete and enjoy life together! I know that this would be sometimes challenging, but what is life with no challenges?