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18 years old Ukraine Lvov

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ID: 461379
Yuliya 18 years old Ukraine Lvov, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Status: wanna bite you)

Looking for:

Hello to all free and lonely men! I have to choose only one among you and it must be a confident man who is ready for many views of others. I am a very bright girl and people always pay attention to me. Hope it doesn't scare you. In spite of everything - you must take my hand and walk forward with me in spite of obstacles. I need a man who will not be intimidated by minor problems and who will be ready to solve them with ease. I want us to calmly discuss our omissions and find a compromise. You will be the main one in our family and I want to take a good example from you.Your main character traits are caring, loyalty, passion and responsibility.

About me:

I am a red-haired, passionate bride from Ukraine) Yes, I am the hottest woman and filled with positive and joy of life! If I am offended by you - then you can quickly fix it with a little candy, an offer to do shopping or a white daisy) I hope you will need my tip in the future. I am the owner of the most desirable and seductive forms and this will not leave you indifferent towards me. If you choose me, you will be the happiest person on this planet) All your friends will simply envy a bride like me) I like to be different and multifaceted. I don't wear the same outfit 2 days in a row. This was noticed long ago by my girlfriends and are trying to do the same) This is a sign for me that for someone I am an idol or a person to follow. My main features are loyalty, cleanliness and honesty.

My favorite food:

Seafood salad