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21 years old Ukraine Vinnitsa

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Anastasiya 21 years old Ukraine Vinnitsa, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

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I am not building myself a template for the perfect man. For me, there are no ideal people drawn in stereotypes. Whether he is pedantic or creative, serious or loving fun - all this is not important. The main thing is that he be real, as he is, give me his attention and warmth. I want to see and feel his sincerity, not to doubt a single word spoken by him. Trust in relationships - plays one of the most important roles. I want to be the girl my man will admire. I want to feel every atom of his love for me.It is very important for me to experience some kind of chemistry with my man. To feel how I am drawn to him, how I want to spend every minute of my life with him. I am a very sensitive girl, tactile contact is important to me, I want to look into the eyes of my man and see sincerity and love in them.

About me:

I am very kind, gentle girl. I enjoy every little thing in life - coffee in bed, a beautiful sunset, the touch of a beloved man, or intimate conversations until night.I can call myself a brave and self-confident girl. I know what I want from life and try to go towards my goals. But I do not belong to those people who live by the principle of "all means are good in war", I want to go my own way with dignity. I am ready to give my kindness, care and tenderness to someone who will truly appreciate it. I can be both submissive and passionate in bed, both calm and emotional in a relationship. I am very different, because I will never let you get bored.