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37 years old Ukraine Dnipro

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ID: 580713
Tatyana 37 years old Ukraine Dnipro, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Status: Get hot energy from me!

Looking for:

A real strong man who is ready for a real woman, who is ready for real passion in his life. I want him to become a part of my life, love, that s full of happiness and adventures. man - who is homie, one-woman man, who is ready for a family

About me:

I just want to be happy with you! Feel love for yourself and give your love and affection to you! I do not want to limit myself to certain parameters, as I am interested in the inner world of a man. I still believe in love and happiness. I`m looking for a man with a young soul and a kind heart. I want to share our interests and reach our aims together. For me, understanding and mutual feelings are of great importance. I believe that it does not matter what your height, weight, eye color, nationality, skin color, etc ... It is important that we have an attraction to each other, chemistry, the desire to be together! All the rest does not matter!