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18 years old Ukraine Kremenchug

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ID: 629025
Aleksandra 18 years old Ukraine Kremenchug, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Looking for:

Responsible and caring man - is the best one for me. I'm little shy flower that will bloom in his loving hands and become the most beautiful person in his life. If you are ready to take care about someone, give love and affection - be ready to receive it more and more as answer for your love.

About me:

I'm young girl from little town in Ukraine and have big heart full of love. I want to become famous designer or made world wide famous film in future. But I need loving one beside me to open up all my talents in this life. That's why I'm here in search for my strong side in someones hands. To carry my little loving heart and be sure you will treat it with the same affection as I will do with yours. If you think it's beautiful way to live - write to me, I'm in waiting