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20 years old Ukraine Nikopol

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Alena 20 years old Ukraine Nikopol, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

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I consider one of the important characteristics of a man to be intelligence, because it is important for me that a man is the main person in the family and is able to make informed and balanced decisions. I like men who know how to show care and attention to their woman, so that I can thank him in kind. I also like men with a sense of humor, because I want a man for life, there is no need to be bored together. Since I'm all young, I would like to have children, it would be great if my beloved also loved children.

About me:

I work in a very exciting job, as an administrator in a restaurant, my job is to improve the work of the restaurant. I also study at the Faculty of Hotel and Restaurant Business. This profession is in great demand in all countries and I hope that someday I will be able to work abroad. I am always ready to move and improve my career, it is important for me to have stability in life. It seems to me that self-realization is very useful for development and inner harmony, only a smart girl will interest a wise man.


Administrator in restaurant