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In my imagination I compare my man with a mirror. It doesn't mean he needs to be a full reflection of who I am. But looking in his eyes, I want to feel I’m looking at the other half of me. Do you feel the difference? My man is loyal. Loyal to me, loyal to what he does in his life, loyal to his goal. He is as hardworking as I am. He won’t give up easily if something goes wrong. Who needs man-like creature in her house? :) A man, I’m looking for, can make right decisions in wrong situations. And he will be 100% supported by me in all his beginnings. Age doesn't matter, appearance doesn't matter! Love is what really matters and it’s what I want to find in my man.

About me:

Dear gentlemen, first of all, I would like to underline, that I’m not a girl for fun. I wouldn’t even call myself a “girl” and I’m not talking about my age right now. It’s all about how I feel inside. I’m mature woman inside, who makes confident steps in her life. Signing up here was one of those steps and I’m sure it will lead me to what I want. As a future lawyer, I like when everything is at the right places: at my kitchen, at studies, in a relationship. However, I’m single now and I want to fix it! Speaking of my desires, I’m not going to make you read senseless phrases about my search of eternal love. My desire is as simple as ABC - I look for man, who will become my one and only someday. I understand how hard thing long-distance relationship is, so be sure I will not waste neither your, nor my time corresponding without having real interest in you. It’s in my nature and it’s how I have been raised.
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