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49 years old Ukraine Poltava

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Vera 49 years old Ukraine Poltava, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Looking for:

I hope to meet smart, reliable, deserving, loyal to me and a wonderful companion in life! I want to find a man who was created for me and with whom I will feel very comfortable. Someone who is strong enough to protect me from any danger, someone who loves and cares, with a big loving heart, and he can find a place for me in his life. He is active, like me, he is always doing something, which is why we can have so much fun together. He may be emotional, but he knows how to control his feelings, he is reserved by the audience, but he is not afraid to bare his soul in front of me. My man is the one who will never deceive me and will not betray my trust, will never lie to me. My man is faithful and deserves my trust, he is a monogamous man, and I am his only, his beloved woman.

About me:

I am a very joyful and positive woman. I like this life and I live to the fullest. I am smart, I pay great attention to self-improvement. I know exactly how to make a person happy, I am very passionate and loving, and I have many secrets, so I hope you would like to check some of them). I have high family values, I am a very good mother, and I need a strong person who will become a real friend, lover and support for me. I always try to make my life happy and bright, so I like to do a lot of things. I like reading, going to theaters, various concerts, museums. Sometimes I am at home and I enjoy doing some hand-made things. I can make some funny toys, gifts for my loved ones. And sometimes I am in an active holiday mood, I like to go to the mountains, to breathe fresh air. My biggest passion is cooking, especially baking. So my man will never be hungry)

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

Write short essays and listen to music, embroider. Sports, attitude to sports Figure skating is a favorite sport. A combination of technique and expressiveness, tenderness and strength that give inner strength and confidence together with lightness and filigree on ice. I love volleyball. An excellent sport, where you can get a good boost of vivacity and a lot of emotions.


Work After graduation I worked in the laboratory. She was engaged in drug research. I liked studying plants and looking for a wonderful "elixir of youth", of course, this is a joke, but to some extent our research was successful and we made many good drugs that help people. Now I have my own small cosmetic business.