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25 years old Ukraine Dnipro

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ID: 382799
Vlada 25 years old Ukraine Dnipro, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Status: New but sincere and mature for new love and life

Looking for:

An interesting and frank man who does not hesitate to turn his soul inside out, who knows how to talk about everything and listen ... I am a small mouse, which is able to brighten up winter cold evenings, to give affection, tenderness and care to the most brutal of men. Waiting for the hunter, the one who is able to catch and tame me ... [yes, there’s enough mousetrap for you!] everything is moderate, like everyone, has arms and legs and everything like that In general, I love affection, I can’t do anything with myself! I'm funny and all that Calm, kind, sometimes harmful, I can sharply explode.

About me:

I realize that in the world there are many people smarter, more talented, more beautiful than me. Without a doubt, this fact makes me happy and gives impetus to development and improvement. However, here and now I am a woman with a personal freedom and freedom of choice, and I wish to exchange this freedom for something, in my opinion, more valuable. If the dating site helps me in this, long live the dating site! I am rather arrogant and somewhat naive to hope for a happy meeting in the open spaces of virtual reality, perhaps also because I don’t have time and opportunity for more “humane” ways of dating. The myth that a beautiful woman cannot be cleverly dispelled by thousands of female examples. I enter in their number, without undue modesty it will be said. I am sure that an intelligent woman simply can not afford to be uglyDo you also think that without love, even in the brightest life, something is missing? Looking for a faithful companion and hostess who knows how to create comfort? You can be congratulated! You found me. Tell about yourself - for me it is very important that you are interested. Waiting for your message!


Pole dance and stretching coach