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18 years old Ukraine Kharkov

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ID: 515647
Ilona 18 years old Ukraine Kharkov, Russian bride profile, www.step2love.com

Looking for:

I like to communicate with ordinary people, not so noticeable at first glance, but honestly performing any business. I am looking for such a person to make his life more diverse. With whom even the gloomiest day can turn into a holiday, or to whom you can tell the most intimate and always get sympathy and support, to whom you will want to fly home on wings at the end of the working day,

About me:

Cheerful and ambitious. Love sports. I dream of opening my own pastry shop, a cozy family business. A friendly and romantic girl. I am sentimental and do not like lies. I love rain and books. I want to remain a mystery so as not to write platitudes out of a desire to get married as soon as possible. I'd rather wait for a man for whom our acquaintance will be good luck

My hobbies and what I'm good at:

study, cuisine and sports