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Ted, 37 USA
I was that guy who used your service Phone Call. It was unusual to hear a voice of my woman after so long time of chatting. I wish you can make something like a conference when I can hear her voice and see at the same time. I wish I could see her emotions when she said me so softly and tenderly: Hello, my teddy bear.
Nick, 40 USA
In less than two months I have found a partner. I cannot believe that she was out there and still single. We have been exchanging messages for days now and are moving towards meeting soon. I could not be more thrilled and excited. I lost my partner of almost 10 years and never thought I could meet someone else with so many of the same goals and interests. But I have had! Soon we will meet in Kiev!
Louis,48 Canada
In April of 2017 I met a lady on this site . She said yes when I asked her for a meeting after one month of conversation. And we had a great time. I am sure that we will be a great couple in some time! There are no words to express our thanks to your site!
Jim, 39 Great Britan
The lady of my dreams actually found me on this site! Things started out good for us and quickly got better and better. I hope that everything will be like this in some time too. We will meet at the end of July ( and for this I want to say Thanks for the site). Can’t wait till I see her!
Gordon,55 Canada
Really, I love this site! And I'm already in love with one lady. I am now going to Kiev to meet her. And I hope that everything will be great! Wish you all to find the right one who will brighten your life!
Bill,35 Canada
I like that you have the "horoscope compatibility" service. With its help I found my Tatiana!
Colin,66 Great Britan
Hi! I had a date with my girlfriend. And it was perfect! It seems to me that I fell in love!
Chris, 28 USA
Your Youtube channel is so cool. Amazing videos. All girls are incredibly beautiful!
Davis, 31 USA
I like your interface. It is very convenient to use:)
Neil,56 Great Britan
Thank you so much for creating such a great site. I believe I have found my ideal soul mate through your site and I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH. SHE IS PERFECT FOR ME!!!!!!!
Simon,27 USA
I will always cherish your site as it has given me beautiful memories that I will always keep in my heart. Your site gave me incredible happiness. There are almost no words to describe how happy I've been!
Rick, 63 Great Britan
I would like to comment on how you helped me to meet my beautiful half. She lived in Ukraine Kiev and I was in Great Britain!!! We would have never met otherwise but your site gave us a chance to meet online and then in real life. We have been together over a year and I have never been happier!!
Thomas, 43 Canada
I had a date with my dear Karina. She was so beautiful. Everything was perfect. Thank you for the help with meeting organization!
William, 46 USA
Your site is really useful and the most important that it's really about serious relationships. In our times it is difficult to find reliable Marriage Agency. And Step2Love helps me with it.
Alex,35 Canada
Step2Love always makes some interesting contests. I really like it. Thanks to one of such contests I've met my darling Anna.
Gary, 44 Canada
Great work, guys! By the way, I remember it was an awesome weekend with 10 free credits on Chat! Wow! When will you do it again for men? I'm waiting impatiently ;)
Alex, 31 Great Britain
Hello, guys ) I was looking for trusted dating website. I guess, that's yours website. Some of my friends recommended Step2Love. Now I'm a new here ) Hope I will be lucky in my search!
Elton, 47 USA
Thank you, for giving me this chance of a lifetime to be truly happy. I met a nice lady Anna, she is beautiful, kind and I really like her and she likes me too. I can not wait till we meet in real life!
Davis, 61 Canada
The first 4 months here were a mixture of excitement and disappointments. I was just about to give up and ready to delete myself when a chat request kept popping up. No matter how many times I declined, she kept coming back so in the end my curiosity took over and I accepted. We chatted and kept chatting for hours. The more we chatted the more we understood that we need to meet. And we will meet soon!
David,29 USA
I joined this site couple years ago after trying a lot of others sites. After about 8 weeks I met a wonderful lady named Sveta. We were talking for a along time before we met. And now we are engaged! I never believed I would find the lady for me online, I only pursued it because my friends urged me to. How was I wrong. Thank goodness I listened and stepped out of the box, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made!
Ken 57 USA
Here love is in the air. Because when you just create your profile you get lots of letters. And you understand that you can find love here. So I hope that I will find a lady too! Can’t wait till I will fall in love with someone!
Max 343 Canada
I wanted to say that all girls here are amazing! And it is hard to choose just one or two.. I want to speak with all of them because they are so beautiful. I wonder if your team will help me with meeting the girls when I will come to Ukraine. I hope that you will.
Louis 33 Great Britan
I don’t know how to say thank you to this site and the team. I am finally happy with a lady which I've found here. I had so many letters from lots of ladies, but somehow I answered just to one. And I still can’t believe that she answered me again and we talked for such long time! We will meet soon and I hope that in some time I will write here a happy story about our family!
Melvin 36 USA
I met here my soul mate, my future wife Ksenija. We are talking for 1 year and during this time we met in real life 5 times. That was perfect time. I am so in love with her. Now we are planning her moving to me and Managers from site are helping us! Thanks
Osteen,31 USA
Guys, you are one of the best dating sites. You always answer and help me. I’ve finally found a girl for me. And I hope that we can work out our relationship on distance cuz I really like her a lot. Thank you guys for you great job!
Nick 54 Great Britan
Yesterday I had a date with my Kristina. It was perfect! A good job of interpreter. Thank you for good service! I like that your site has a blog. I found there really useful tips that helped me to meet my girlfriend here. Thank you!
Bryan 34 Canada
Step2Love is perfect place for meeting new friends and of course true love! I know this because I met here my darling Katrina.
Alfred 45 Canada
I'd like to say a few words about Step2love. I use your service for six month. I like that you have good support team. I want to say thank you to manager Helen. She always helps me in different situations.
Arthur 33 USA
All I want to say is thank you to all managers and stuff of this site. You are always helping me in every question and I am sure that this can say everyone here. And thank you for my lady Natalia and our two perfect dates!
Brad 28 Great Britan
Once my friend told me to register on this site and first I was not taking it serious. But then I started to talk to some ladies and then I fall in love with one of them. You know it was not really “love” it was something like this. Because I can’t fall in love with someone I haven't even met before. And then after some time we met in Kiev and I had that feeling. I really like this lady!
Dan 39 Great Britan
Guys, I met here such a wonderful lady! We are going to meet in few weeks in Odessa and I am so excited. What I want to tell you? don’t be afraid to start talking to the ladies, you won’t find the right one in one week ( this is impossible, I think) but you can find the one for you in some time. I found my Olga after 9 months being on this site but still I am very happy about this! Thank you!
Dustin 25 USA
I feel so fortunate to finally find my lovely, beautiful, adorable Sveta. We are planning to meet in two week in Kiev! I am so excited about this and sure that everything will be great with us!
Ernest 54 Canada
I don’t like to write this type of messages to people, but now I think that I need to do it. I want to tell that this site is really amazing and even if you won’t find the real love you can find here nice friends. All girls are very nice and beautiful and all of you can find here someone. I found my Inna and can’t stop smiling!
Henry 30 Canada
I was thinking for a long time to write or not here, but my love told me that I need to write, so that maybe someone will read and understand the most important thing: to find here a lady is real thing. I am so happy for last 5 months because I finally found the one for me. And now I understand why I didn’t have a real relationship before, that is because only now I have found my love. And I wish you all guys to find yours.
George,43 USA
There are so many beautiful girls! It’s fantastic! I’m going to visit my lady soon. Do you provide interpreter services?
Edgar,37 Great Britan
Such a nice site where I’ve met one lady Elena. She is so beautiful and nice. We are talking every evening in chat and after this I can’t sleep because I am dreaming about our life together. I hope that she is doing the same. We will meet soon and I hope that everything will be good with us! Never give up, guys!
David,52 USA
On this site there are a lot of nice girls who are looking here for husband. How can I choose only one? And how can I be sure that she will like me. I have so many questions and I don’t know where to ask them. But still I hope that I will find my love here!
Christopher,32 Canada
Hi. I want to say a BIG thank you to the team of this site. You are doing your job really good and quickly. Contact information that I got from you is real and I am happy to talk to my Elena by phone! This is what I wanted!
Bred,29 Great Britan
Hi! My name is Bred and I am looking for the lady. I see here a lot of nice ladies, they writing such a lot of letters, so that I can’t choose with whom I want to talk more. And why am I writing here now? Because I want to say thank you to managers of this site, they all the time online and answer anytime!
Carl,35 USA
I have never thought that I will find someone for me on the dating sites, and long time I was against using them, but then one my friend told me about this site. And to say that I was surprised – is to say nothing. From the first minute of using I’ve got a lot of letters and invites to chat. For the first, I was thinking that girls here are fakes, but after I talked to some of them, I understand that they are real! I hope that I will find the right one for me here!
Anthony,38 USA
I don't understand what is going on with Slavic men! Are they blind? Or they are incredibly stupid? How can they live in one country with such beautiful and smart women and be not able to keep relations with them? Their loss, my gain! Now I have a chance to live in love with one of those gorgeous ladies!
Hi! My name is Victor. I just want to say "Thank you" to Step2Love. You made my heart beating again. You helped me to feel what is love again. I was alone for a long time. I'm a widower. I lost my wife 5 years ago and since that time I had no relationships. I loved my wife and just can not forget her. My daughter was worried about me. So she registered me on your site. I was not glad when she told me about this. But decided to try. And it is unbelievable, but very soon I met here Tanya. She lost her husband few years ago. Our life situations are common. We could talk for hours every day. And we both realized that we fell in love. Now we are married. And I can say that I'm happy again. Tanya cured my heart. I love her so much. Thank you Step2Love!
Colin,49 Great Britan
The site is like a lottery, but here you will win anyway, because here is such a lot of nice girls. First I came here I didn’t believe that all of them are real. The more I communicated with them, the more I realized that they are real and I can meet with any of them. And I’ve met such a nice girl Anna here and we are still talking after I came back from Ukraine and hopefully we will built a real family like other guys from here! Thank you!
Donald, 56 USA
First of all I want to say that I finally found a Lady for life here. Second I want to give an advice to others : guys. If you started to talk to one girl and you like her, don’t think a lot, just plan and come to meet her in real life! Because when you meet you understand that this girl is yours, I did like this! We were talking just 3 months and then I came to her. This is one of the best thing I did in my life! Good luck!
Arthur,47 Canada
Hello. Want to say thank you. You guys are doing a great job, really. Thank you for your help and support in all matters. You always answer me in Support chat and on emails. And one more thank you for my Lady Inna. She is very beautiful and I still can’t believe that she is my Lady
Here I met wonderful woman. I want to meet her in real life. How can I make it?
Thomas, 41
I like your articles in blog. When I bored I often read them. Some of them are really useful
Sam,39 Great Britan
hi! never seen so many beautiful girls! how can i call to my girlfriend here? i want to hear her voice
Ronald,54 USA
Are your support assistants alive people? Or they are bots? Tell me the truth, please
Paul,28 Canada
Hi! I read your Step2Love Blog. I like category 'Places to visit in Ukraine'. I'm curious to read where I can go with my lady. Sometimes I'm thinking about traveling by Ukraine and visiting all those places! Thank you for such good and detailed information!
Osteen,52 USA
1.I'd like to say "Thank you, Step2love!". I love your site. This is my daily way to wake up. I always turn on my computer in the morning and check my inbox here. Cause I wait for a daily love letter from my princess Olga. Thank you, guys!
I'm a new here. But it is interesting to read all feedbacks here. In this way I understand that you help people to change their life. I'm planning to change mine too.
Transparent and convenient payment system. This is a huge plus. I have never had any problems with it on this site
so many girls here! it's fantastic! i think this site is not only for searching your life partner, but also for finding good friends.
Christian AU
Don’t know if all girls are real, but I know that my Nastya is real for 100%. Hope that we will be happy and get married!
I have been on another site for a year. I was on another site before then and I gave up looking there. The women were great in what they said but short on true action. But this site is different, I am sure that all girls are real, because I’ve met with some of them when I was in Ukraine. So go ahead and talk to girls
Bob CA
Hey. I didn’t know where to write but I want to delete profile because I found a girl. She is nice and beautiful and we are happy together! Thank you guys for your site.
Bill, 47 Canada
I'm using your site for a month. Everything is good. Thank you for awesome service!
Hello to everybody))) Thank you very much for creating this site. Thanks to this site in my life began white stripe.. some time ago I was completely disappointed after many attempts to find love. But one morning I saw her on this site. I understood it is my fate from first view at her. I wrote her a letter and we began to communicate. I am very grateful that there is such a site. Now we live together and about something better I could not even dream of.And I advice everybody to listen to your heart and not to lose hope. Love exists in this world. Just time is needed to find it.
My name is John and I want to talk briefly about my acquaintance with Anna! After my divorce with my first wife I thought I would not find the woman with whom I feel alive again. We talked for a long time on the site, I learned that she has two daughters and she also leads the process of divorce with her husband. I introduced her to my son (John Jr.). I will not talk much about how happy she made me ! We had 8 months to draw up documents so she can move here with her children! Done! Now I am the happiest man and my son has two sisters)) Do not despair, your destiny and your happiness are worth the time and money spent here!
Mikka, 49 USA
If you are ready to create family or to start serious relations with woman you may open this site!because there are no fakes and scammers.there are just true polite women who want to love and be loved!
Mark AU
Hey guys i see that you are real haters of this site.But i want to say about my opinion for this.I like this site and i'm the user of it for long time and i didn't see any scam here.Good site and good girls here
I'm new on this site but i trust it. Very good site. And i like their system of payments. It;s very comfortable for me and also they work quickly. They always help me with all my questions.
Terry USA
Hello, I`m Terry and I`m from USA. I was registered on this site one year ago. I didn`t trust that I can find my second half on internet. But I found her here, on this site. From the first correspondence I felt that something exist between us. Nina is a gorgeous, intelligent and smart woman. We spend a lot of time in chat, and I live in the hope of first real meeting. In several month it`s happened! Now we are planning our future as a couple. I can`t believe, that my dreams become true! Thanks to Step2Love, I found my true love!
Harrold UK
Hey! My name is Harrold. I was the member of this site about 2 years, I`m not searching any more, I have already found what I want! Her name is Alina. In the beginning we were chatting few times at week, but we wanted to spend time together more and more. Then I decide to visit Ukraine, there was so great! We have a lot fun and romantic dates. After my visit, we seen each other in 2 month. We made a romantic tour over Europe. Now we are a happy couple! Thanks to step2love.com for this!
Bill, USA
Hi, my name is Bill and I want to tell you my story. I met wonderful woman on step2love.com. Her name was Maria! We were close in age and found many common interests and many topics to discuss. We were chatting 2 month and I came to Ukraine. Then I had the best few weeks in my life. It was 2 years ago, but we still together, and thinking about marriage! Thanks to this site, which gives men possibilities to meet their couples!
Robert USA, Tampa
I think this is good site which i trust. Every member here has his own dating manager who can help in every problem that you have.Also i didn't seen scammers here.All girls with whom i chated were real.
Manny, UK
Hello guys!I want to say that this site is very cool. Of course it;s not for kids but for us,lonely hearts! I have a lot of women with whom i chat here and i feel myself like cool boy!
Robert K. AU
With this social network, I met 3 months ago. Then I moved to another city, I didn't know somebody there and to meet new people did not have when, as every day from morning till evening lost in the office. After registering on the site, began writing a lot of people, they were mostly women. I was not afraid to go to a meeting with them, because I believe that to know the person better have what it in reality than to correspond with her a month, and then find out that it is a bad person. Through this site, I met many good people, who are now my good friends and acquaintances. And most importantly, that on this site i met my future wife. We are together now and we love each other.I wish this site bring you happiness too!
Max B. UK
The site step2love.com is the best site for me now! Because i met my love there! Her name is Olga and she is very beautiful! I heard a lot of opinions that Slavic women just need money from men abroad but it's not truth,i checked this! Be sure that they are very polite women who just need to be happy!
Harry E., Japan
This site is really popular between Ukrainian women and men here in my country. Now i live in Japan because of my work and i don't like japanese women. i prefer slavic appearence. So i decided to sign up on the site step2love.com And now i use it every day because i can't stop watching the women's video here.Try it too!
Richard, 49 USA
I want to tell you about my experience os being on site step2love.com . I heard about it from my best friend who are there for few months.And decided to try too.I talked to many women there and all of them were cool.They were both clever and pretty.A lot of women for each taste. Go to step2love.com and you will be surprised how it's easy to find your part!
I communicate perfectly with my gorgeous lovely Lioness here and this site has provided the perfect platform for our love to grow tremendously! We will be happily mated soon forever and eternally! I love my sweetie! Thanks Step2love!;);)))
Dear Step2Love.....I want to thank you for your wonderful services that help me with communication with the most beautiful woman on Earth....my sweetie Julia. If it were not for another dating site that brought us together and now you, our love would not be able to continue to grow like it has been and will forever! Thanks for your professional services to allow love to flourish in these crazy times. Julia is a gift from God to me and she and I are now 2 Swans that will swim in OUR own lake of romantic passionate love forever! Thank you again for being a place where Julia and I can communicate until that very special time when we are mated in pure, genuine love for life! I am sooooo in love with my sweetheart!
Barry New Zealand
Honestly don`t like to write reviews, but this site is really good. Step2love is the great example of the quality-price ratio. Anyway here I got what I was looking for- Slavic ladies and good service.
Flavio Italy
I've read a lot of reviews about this site, nothing was bad, so I tried. And really, Step2love is one of the more interesting dating sites for me. Appreciate the online support, got all answers for all my question. The common opinion is good. I can recommend it.
Corry 59 USA
Step2love is the great site for communication. I really like it. Easy to use, not so expensive and how can I say something bad, when I see so many beautiful brides there)
I am the member of Step2Love and I can`t say anything bad about it. I`ve never had problems with it. Of course it is not free site, but I know what i am paying for! I am sure in quality and in safeness to use. I like its stringent privacy policies. It is important for me to stay confidentially.
Pete 48 UK
Thank you Step2love for its work and the attitude to members! I appreciate it. I like to read news in my email box, so it is interesting to get new mails from the administration. It is more comfortable. Also I like that I can find some useful articles for myself.
I think that Step2Love is a remarkable site. What else do you need? Communication, of course. It help to build relations, and on this site there are more than one can need variants of communication. I do like video messages more than anything else. I can see and hear my beautiful lady, and the quality is always nice, better, than in chat, but I use it often too, as here I can communicate life and see reaction of my love on my words. I think about coming to Ukraine one day, will see if it works.
Chris,55 Great Britan
I think it is very comfortable that there is 24/7 support . If I have problems I can always ask support assistants for help and they are welcome to solve my problem.
Jack, UK
When I first joined this site , I did it because of curiousity and I did not expect to find , what I have found here ! My passion , my love , my everything - Svetlana! when I saw Svetlana first time in my life , I was amazed with her natural and inner beauty , she has manners and values that it is hard to find nowadays , she is completely what I need in my life to be happy ! Thank you , my gorgeous Svetlana for making me the most happiest man in the world ! Also , I want to thank Step2Love for organization of our meeting ! Everything was perfect !
Bobby, USA
I want to thank step2love site for giving me the great chance to meet my love/ I met my Julia when I almost lost hope and was ready to quit after two years of the search I joined the site as a test and in a month I already felt my heart was busy) This is the police where you can meet both brains, heart and beauty in one package I never had any doubt in the reality of my love, because I could verify her realty through the life chat I got all help I was in need and never had the problem with the administration The only problem was the time zones)) I could not talk to my love as much as I could and that made me upset I need to tell you that is a bit hard to know you need to pay for the talk with your future wife and that made me a bit concerned at the beginning, but I know now that I did not spent my money on LOVE I spent it on the quality service , on the chat help, on the proficient translation and the meeting help. All I did was win the heart of the woman who was the same looking for love I am grateful for all the team did for us With best regards
Ray, Sweden
Hello guys)I have been on the site for more than 1 year)I can say that it has a lot of advantages in compare to other.It's more cheaper and i like the opportunity to have Cold membership.There are a lot of discounts and i like video contests for woman))It's a great joy to watch how woman want to be the best and it's a big pleasure to give a voice to your favorite lady)
Nick, USA
HI!))i like the site because of the fact that woman here are really soooo Attractive !!!I like to watch videos in profiles as it means that woman are real and serious in her search )The administration answer all the questions at once and it's really pleasant)I wish to have a function of Video conference as it would be a nice thing both to see and hear the woman of my heart)) Thank you for your attention
Javier, Spain
Hola! Hi) I think all the men who are still in a search of a girlfriend, shall take a look at this site. You will be impressed with the amount of amazing women here. I've found mine, and now your turn))) good luck in a search, everyone.
Max, Netharlands
Hi! I think this site is simple, efficient and easy to operate. Luckily I never had trouble with it! And I really enjoy both side video chat function. Thank you for attention
Sebastian, France
I have to say a huge thank you to the site administration for all the job you do! We are in touch with my Irina for about a year, we met last fall, and now I plan to visit her again!Thanks for attention!
Randy, US
I think as some of you guys here, I had problems dating in real life. Online dating seemed confusing, because it's kind of difficult to fell for someone who is... let's be honest, you don't know who is over there. But on this thing here, everything seems like real life dating, with all the benefits of online correspondence. So if there's someone as shy as me, seriously, it's the best way to find the woman! Good luck to you, shy men)
Jacques Louisville, USA
I want to share my experience of using the site Step2Love.com, I am not new in on-line dating and have already tried different sites, but no places were so comfortabe for me. When I came across Step2Love and see plenty of things here which you will not find on other sites I was really happy! Moreover, you can not only use new services, but you will find a lot of girls who is waiting for you on line, and who really want communication and meeting. I haven't made a trip as for now. But I am going to do it in summer and meet several girls from here. So communication is comfortable, serivices are interesting and girls are real! What else would I need to look for my future single one?! I recommend this place to those men who really want to meet best woman of their life.
Anthony, Canada
Hello. My name is Anthony and I am from Canada. I am 45 years old. All you had one big problem with women in your city (like me). One girl is boring next one is selfish third is not interesting like a person. After meeting all this type of girls I start think where I can meet a woman with whom I really want to start friendship and then relationship. I understood that my woman is living in other country. Then I ask my friend where I can find her and he said that I should to try one site which he use more then 2 years. I decided to try it. You know... I am happy now! I have found what I was looking for. Her name is Elena and we are happy together. Guys! Try this site! I am sure that you will like it and you will find nice woman for you too! Good luck!
Neil, 45 years old, South Africa I
I registered on this site over a year ago and at first treated this venture is not too serious ... I am not a regular visitor to the site and drew my attention to the "wrong" girls. But a few months ago I received a letter from a girl from Nikolaev and ... I fell in love !!! Now I can not live a day in order not to talk to her in chat ... And she's waiting for our meetings, too. This summer I plan to come to her town and meet up with my girlfriend. I hope that everything will be fine. Thank you step2love!
Charles, 58 years, Germany
I am not young and not rich, but I believe in true love and decency Slavic women - that's why I came to this site. Yes, many young girls trying to get to know me in many ways, but I'm not looking or flirting games here. Now I talk with a few older ladies ... I am happy to discuss with them the usual things and get to know each other better. In my plans - to visit a few ladies and make one of them my wife.
Hey gentlemen! I'd like to share a happy event in my life, and maybe this will happen to you too. I ment Ekaterina here 2 months ago. Ekaterina and her daughter are my sunshine and now I understand that such sites not only take money from you, but also give you an opportunity to meet your Mrs. Right if you really have such a goal. There are pros and cons about using such dating sites, but when in result you have a loving heart near you, nothing matters. Just follow your goal and do your best to meet a RIGHT woman.
Hello everyone! I want to share impressions about this site by means of which, every men have a great opportunity to meet his other half. To a word, the likelihood of this accomplishment is quite high because the base that is composed of the most beautiful, charming and most importantly, single women - an incredibly huge. I registered on this site for 4 months, two of which I communicate with a totally amazing woman with whom in the future I'm going to start a family. I have already met her twice in her country - two unforgettable times, and now the case is only for the time before my beloved settle everything and will move to me. As a male, you undoubtedly will be very impressed by the attention of all these beautiful women, and of course, you, as well as I'm could meet a lady who will awaken in you the joy, inspiration, and most importantly love! I want to express my sincere gratitude to all the creators of this online resource, because it is through their enthusiasm, I managed to find my love! As they say, "Who is looking for - that will always find", so do not stop your searches. Your love is here and she is waiting for you.
Hello, dear friends! Recently I have registrated on this site and I found it very useful for me. I started to search for real love. At once, I was not sure if it is possible here, but I decidied to try. I met a wonderful lady: so charming, beautiful and joyful! I talked with her and every time I got to know her better and better. I think that this site can give a great opportunity for every lonely soul to find the person who will love, support and understand. I am very thankful to this site, it gave me a lady whom I love and wish to spend the rest of my life together with her. I met with her in wonderful city, Kiev. It was a great weekend with her! We were talking for a long time and I loved to hear her voice and to see her beautiful eyes. I did not want to go back home, because it was a great time for us. I felt that our real meeting was a great stage for both of us and now we are planing to meet again! Now I know it excatly that it is my second half!
Hello everyone, I'm Mike. read a lot of reviews on this site, mainly see all the good. I was invited by the girl to the site, but of course before that I wanted to make sure that there will not deceive me, as has happened before. I like the site affordable prices, various promotions for men. By the way, saw service gifts and video chat between man and woman - it really is all possible? I will need to try. I think that I will not be disappointed. Sooo, good search for us, guys!
Hello, my name is Peter. For long time I didn`t trust different dating sites and so on. I was looking for a woman among women who were near me, and was hoping that will find the one finally in my country. But after holidays in Ukraine and seeing what girls are there I registered here without any doubts. I talk with them and understand that they all are so family-oriented women who are really serious in creating their own family and don`t put on the first place their material values. They are beautiful naturally, so don`t need almost to use make-up. I am in search still but I am not worried, because i am sure that my LOVE is here and soon I will find her.
Fisher Court, USA
Well, thats good I can leave my comment here, guys. Im happy you are brand new and managed your work on such a great level. I joined and on third day I have found a woman Kseniya who I really like! We spend time just like crazy)) And in general site provides many options and very easy to use. And you have very funny and pleasant support)))I have never talked to such funny girls!
After reviewing a lot of dating sites, I stopped my attention at this one called step2love. Well... a lot of beautiful women..., loyal prices for communication, quite good quality of support...For all my questions I get quick answers...I can see a girl on camera and send her a gift which she receives in a short time. And the prices are not exorbitant as they actually are at many other places. Now I communicate with a girl on my private email (we used the service of exchanging contact information).The site also helped me to organize our first meeting. We traveled together several times, now wait for a visa so she can visit me in my country ... make plans for the future. I wish that to happen. I wish everyone to be as lucky as I am! Hello everyone. I quite recently started to use the services of this site, and there is a great result. I met a beautiful woman: fun, cute and extremely charming. I'm incredibly happy that I met her, and this is certainly a great merit of the people who gave me and not only to me, a great chance to find a woman who'll fit greatly in every regards. Among other things, I want to note that during the time that I spent using the services of this site, I met with extremely beautiful women who unfortunately were not my destiny, but we remained good friends! Hi guys! Still alone? Come on!!! I believe you will find the lady of your dreams here! As for me I used to be skeptical about online dating but decided to try when my brother met his soul mate this way. When I talked to his wife, saw her happy look (and appreciated how attractive she is and what a nice house wife!!! LOL) I thought - why not? Sam supported me and said that I would better try several sites, among them was step2love.com . Yes, I was encouraged by my brother's situation. I became a member of the site. Being a person with a nice education and lots of intellectual interests, I have rather high criteria about what kind of woman I want to meet. The beautiful ladies I was in touch with had higher education (some even more than one!) and lots of interesting hobbies. I enjoyed intelligent, romantic conversations and true beauty! It took me 18 months to meet MY lady. I do not regret I had to spend so much time and money onto my search. Anyway I can say that ladies on this site are real and sincerely interested! Good luck in your search) I have been using the site Step2love for two years already and during all this period I did not have any reason to mistrust its administration and women. Here I correspond with girls through letters and I can also have a live chat with them. This site is very convenient and simple. Thanks to the contests it organizes for girls men on this site can look through very nice videos which may contain greetings and wishes for men and which are simply nice to watch. If you are a client of Step2love you will find your match for sure. I like site step2love very much.... I was tired of my loneliness, and I decided to change this situation... I want to meet Ukrainian woman, and to have serious relationships, that will lead to marriage... I heard that Ukrainian women are very loyal, attractive and know how to care about their husband.. I came to site to check , is it true.. I was surprised of such amount of interesting and beautiful women... I havent made my choice now, I just enjoy of communication with women. But I still believe that I will find my beloved one... I use different services here. I liked how competently and diligently all done. If I still have any questions, I can easy contact customer service, and I will get all answer I need. Also site offers different actions and benefits) As every member, I think it is very pleasant to know, that site cares about you... Thank you, guys, for helping single people to meet and create a family in the future. If you are faced with the question to register on this site or not, do not even think, and quickly create your profile! This site helped me to find the love of all my life ! My name is Alan by the way, my beloved woman from Odessa, her name is Irina. The first time ever that I've read and heard, she came to me first, not i am. Really, i never hear that woman visit man from the site, like this, first. Naturally I did not think for a long time and won her attention. But you know it was worth it! Every letter, every gift, every video chat was worth it, that I finally became a happy man !! I want to say thank you to this site for the excellent work !!
Paul, Vilnius, Lithuania
Great place! I joined Step2Love several months ago. I doubted whether to join it or not. But I am glad I tried! Ladies are wonderful! And every evening I am looking forward to have time in chat with them! I haven't found my only one yet! But I am sure I will met her very soon! As my friend who recommended this place to me, have already travelled to Ukraine to meet several ladies from the site! And he was really pleased he did it. So, I am also planing to make such a trip one day! I can recommed this site to everyone who is looking for nice service and beautiful ladies, easy to use and work correctly!
Dario P., Chile
I want to thank Step2love for givin me the opportunity to meet the woman of my dreams. I have met my Julia here in Ukraine, in the city of Donetsk and it has been by far the most happy moments I have had. We are now planning our future together and will see each other in the next couple of months again. I can not wait to be with her again and to start the building of our life together. Thanks again for building this system in which people can find their soul mates. My best regards to all, Dario."
Tim, 48 years old, Australia
This site has recommended to me by my friend ... In general, I am satisfied with the work site. There are a lot of girls who are interested in dating and communication. Every day I get a lot of letters. But I am unable to answer every girl and it saddens me. It would be nice to be able to communicate with many girls, but it is not cheap on this site ...
Roger, 56 years, United Kingdom
I want to start with the positive qualities of this site: The convenient interface, chat is fast, like being able to see the girl on camera and show me ... Do not like: can not always quickly open my camera, there are a lot of girls on the site without a camera that is suspicious ... Some girls are not configured to communicate a serious and real meetings. But this is only my opinion ..
Albert, Tunis
I am totalу satisfied with this site And I want to thank you for the chance to communicate with the girls, who are friendly and serious. The price are cheap and everything is comfortable for use.
Tim Carden Brussels, Belgium
I've been on step2love for two years and ve seen how things ve been changing on the site, it has developed a lot and I enjoy the way it is now. The most important thing is that on this site not so many girls who are trying to tear you on little pieces LOL So it has taken me about 7 months to find that special lady, who has got me totally into her and we are corresponding for a year now and planning our first meeting. Well there are some site maintaining time after time but those are just little things that make search on this site a bit uncomfortable but generally I enjoy it and very thankful for helping me to find my special woman!! Best wishes for everyone who actually decide to find love on this site!
Ed. 82. Hamburg
Hello. I heared that there are a lot of sites like this I saw them all. What can I say?! This site is the best. I like it. It is easy. I am alone old man. I hope that you understand that I have no woman so long time and it is my problems. Here I was find everything I need. Girls are kind and they want to talk with you. Thank you so much to administration for this site. You make lonely old men like me happy.
Hi, my name is Matthew and i'm from Australia and i'm 42 years old. I want to tell the story of my acquaintance with my wife on this site step2love. I have registered on the site in 2012, and about half a year, I spoke with 3 girls on the site, but soon met a beautiful woman Elena and I decided to stop on it, we talked not long, maybe 3 months, and then the agency gave us an appointment (this was very comfortable) and I could not part with this woman. In March 2014 we got married and she moved to me in Australia, now we do not have children,but I hope that will be soon ... I'm surprised that so many negative reviews on this site. Perhaps the problem in men who have come to look not just a woman's body? Maybe your intentions are not serious? I wish you good luck in finding, i hope that you find your love just like i am.
Mike, Oakland, the USA
Well, let me tell you some words about Step2Love site. I enjoy this place a lot. Though you will face some technical problems there from time to time, you will also see very nice and comfortable place with plenty of wonderful ladies and great amount of services to connect them! And here I also met my darling Irina with whom I am talking for several months now! She is absolutely amazing, caring and tender lady! And I feel lucky to know her and to be in touch! I not only write but phoned her and made sure she is really an amazing person! So, I recommend this place to everyone who really want to find his happiness as I tried a lot of places but only here I got this lucky chance for happiness!
Rick Manson, Colorado
I have registered on step2love about 1 and half years ago, saw so many beautiful ladies that I could not resist to become a member! I got in serious correspondence with a few, of course got many letters that seemed like a spam to me, but I learned how to define them by now, I dont usually answer to such ladies at all. I have been on many dating sites but this one has not so many "money hunters", if you know what I mean. Prices are very objective and administration helped with every request I applied so far. So later I advised the site to my friend. He registered 6 months after me and in a month have already traveled to Ukraine to meet with one lady from that site. They had 3 meetings already and that is enough of a proof to me that serious girls are there! I advice everyone to try!!
Darek Haupt Bedminster, USA
I thank this dating site for assisting in what Jesus Christ meant for all along... bringing Julia and I together. She is sooooo very special to me and again, I thank your site for her!
Paul, 54, Sydney
I like this service. But there are a few comments: sometimes I can not turn on my camera, things go wrong when you send in the chat ... But the rest - it's a good site where you can chat with smart and beautiful girls ... They are friendly and attentive, with a characteristic Slavic charm ... Now I am sure that the most beautiful girls - Slav!
Mark, 36, Phoenix
I am grateful to this site, because here I found my love! This girl captivated me by her sincerity, a sweet smile and green eyes ... We talked a lot and could see each other - it was like a chat in reality! We could see the emotion of each other and it was perfect !!! But before I met her, there were a few girls that I liked, but who were not ready to come to my country for various reasons ... But now I know that it was for the better Thanks Step2Love !!!
Adam Johnson, Arizona, Scottsdale
I have been visiting step2love.com for a while now and to be honest, from the very beginning I did not really like the site, I thought it is some kinda scammers site or something like that... But later I decided to take a chance and take my search there seriously! I did not regret I tried! It annoyed me that I was getting so many emails from some real beautiful ladies and excuse me, I am a man, I can not choose among so many beautiful ladies, I had to take a look at all of them and to respond to almost all to be sure I will be picking up the best one So I got real close with one lady who was so gentle and intelligent and sweet, after a while we had a real meeting and it was organized well by the site administration, none tried to take more money from me, I consider everything was fair! One thing I did not like on the site is that I had some technical problems in live chat...My camera won't open, I had no clue why, but in a while administrators helped me with that too! So I advise you actually trying this site, it worked well for me, maybe you will also get lucky!
Ivan Walski, Poland
Hello 2 everybody. I want you to know my point of view about this website. If you do not care about it you can read other comment but I am here for telling what I am thinking about step2love. The interface can be better as for me. BUT! I liked it. I am new at site like this and I want t say thet it is wonderful. Girls with whom I had chats are awesome. They are so kind and gentle. Really nice to know that somewhere far from me there are so beautiful and smart girls who can always help me with my little problems and who knows how to make my mood better. I really liked it. But they are so young. And I think it is only one problem that I had with this site. I can recommend this Step2love to everybody. If you will use it once you will never regret about it!!!
David, Australia
This site is full of services! I like that I can feel myself comfortable during my online dates. Step2Love has everything I may need. I can see my girl on video, I can write her long letters, and I can even send her gifts! There are really lots of gifts I've sent her already, she is always so happy to receive them and sends me videos showing how she's got them. And if I have some questions, I can always write to technical support and receive answers fast, so I'm completely satisfied with this gorgeous site!
Madhur, 55 years old, India
I visited this site to check if i”m blessed to find a lovely lady from another country and make my life not so lonely but happy and full of love. Thank you for this service and for the hope you gave me. I hope that I'll finally meet here the lady which will agree to become the light of my eyes and the joy of my heart, my loving wife.
Jeff, USA
Hi, guys! I wanna say that your website is really interesting. I appreciate your different services, holiday promotions and new offers which you propose almost every week. Thank you guys and keep it up! There is a lot of real beauties here to choose the best of the best. Hope, you will help me to find and meet my future wife in real life.
Jose, Spain.
Gracias Step2love! I have found a very good girl Olga here. We communicate more then 3 month and I am very serious to come to Ukraine to see her, She live in Odessa, so it is good she can meet me in air port. I was single for 6 years and tired to have no wife and loving one lady. I want to buy Gold Membership next month so we can easy to talk in chat with my Olga! Gracias for discounts you give good opportunity to communicate more easy and to pay not more. And I like your promotions, I want to make a lady the surprise for Halloween, I never celebrate it but my woman likes it, so I can with your help to make her happy. Good luck to all!
Joe. London.
Hello guys! I want to thank you for your job and this service! I am new here, but I am impressed by attention of all these beautiful ladies! They are very cute and I adore their letters! As I understood right I can read one free letter from one lady! So this could help me to know more ladies before beginning the communication and the friendship with them) I really hope I will find my beloved or will find a good pen pal who will open me the new horizons!
Karim, 47 y.o.
I'm here to say thank you Step2Love that you bring to me the hope which I've almost lost. The hope that love still does exist in this world and the depth of the feelings cannot be reached at all. I had so serious disappointments in my life that changed my way of thinking to disbelief to love. I was almost ready to forbid myself to feel such sweet emotions as hope, joy, gratitude, passion and love with any woman of the world. But smiling Valentina from this site bring this joy into my life and I had gladly succumbed to her charm! No matter how long I was looking for this lady, she had drastically changed my life in one moment! I'm very thankful to this little Ukrainian lady and I hope she will agree to become my young and precious wife!
Ibrahim, 63 y.o.
As-salamu alaykum, my friends! Being honest, I wasn't looking for a wife here, I just wandered if these ladies are really ready to become a devout Muslim and to change their life forever in the name of their love and strong family. Thank you for your help with the Services, I still feel myself a little foolish asking you another stupid question, but your Team is always so kind to help me with any difficulties. I've found here a few kind and modest ladies and seems, one of them could be a really good wife for such a man as I am. Thank you for your service and help!
Dave, Canada
When I came first to Step2Love, it seemed to have so many peculiarities and difficulties that I got a little bit lost. In my age it is hard to explore anything new, especially in technological sphere. Yet, I asked Online help for some pieces of advise, and their team explained me everything in details. I'm quite satisfied with online support of this site, I felt that they care for their customers.
Geoff, 48 y.o., USA
Hi, guys! I just joined the site and decided to say thank you. Your Team is very helpful, thank you for your advice and assistance! I also would like to suggest you to make some improvements at Step2Love, for instance, you may make ladies' photos at profiles a little bigger, it would be great to admire them in full screen (in a new tab maybe). Thanks again, I hope I'll find my real love with your help!
Michael, 54 y.o.
Hello! I've just found you in Google and decided to try my luck here! Your web-site and service is really good! Maybe it is only a little difficult to understand what to do at the very beginning. It would be great to make some infographics that will show the newcomers where to start. Hope, I'll meet my beautiful future Ukrainian wife here! Wish me good luck in my search!
Me from Saudi Arabia not like the speed of fotos. Fotos open too slow. My internet slow, can't open fotos I want see. I want see all fotos open fast and I want see bigger fotos in profil of beautiful woman. I love ukrainian woman. Want to make her my wife.
I like the way the site looks, I can find everything I need quite fast. The only thing I don't like, I actually can't often distuinguish which woman would I like to write. There are lots of them writing me, but still... It would be great if I could see who has watched and read my profile, this will mean more for me than the first letter.
Chatting is good, especially now with cameras on both sides, and messaging is OK. But I would like to have an opportunity to send ladies songs and music, like I can send them videos. And I want bigger videos to send, 50MB is too small.
Nick, England
I want to say thank you for the two-way online chat! It is difficult to find the beloved one now, and it is so a lot of fake girls and lies everywhere((( But with the appearance of this service it will be much easier and safer to find a lady of my dreams)
Jorge, 61 y.o.
I think that Step2Love combines everything I could need for communication. Sometimes I want to write short messages instead of a long letter, and they are much cheaper, what I actually like. I always see all messages from people I would like in my mail box, and can easily write response.
Richard, 50 y.o.
Actually, I always thought that this type of sites is full of frauds and dishonest women, but it turned out that I was completely wrong! Despite the fact that I have to pay there sometimes to see my beloved woman on camers, I never had any financial problem with Step2Love, and even when I did have some small misunderstanding, I refered to its Technical support and received help just within 24 hours! I really like how these guys work: honestly and fast!
I just write to say thank you for your work, guys. This web-site is really helpful if you are looking for a true Slavic woman who'd like to meet a foreigner and who is ready to move to another country. Finally I met a truly wonderful Ukrainian lady and I hope, we'll be happy together thanks to Step2Love!
I'm not sure I determined my decision concerning ladies. There are so many really enchanting Ukrainian beauties here! I can't stop browse their profiles and admire their photos! And thanks to your User Support Department, for their readiness to answer any questions about site and ladies. I have never known about Online Dating Services and was a real newbie. But I learnt the site very well with your help. So wish me good luck in my search!
Daniel 40 y.o.
I 've been looking for a truly relationship quite a long time. Being busy with my work I have only solution to get it via Internet where so many dating web-sites. I've visited and tried a lot of them but finally stopped at step2love. It's very important for me just feel that you have something reliable and comfortable for using. I love the interface and simplicity of this site, wide vary of girls profiles and of course technical support and providing. So far I had only one choice for me to stuck here a find my future love. Thanks folks!
Thank you guys for your help to bring people together! I didn’t believe that dating site may affect my life. I was lonely and have tried some local sites but after some unsuccessful dates I decided to take a risk and to look for a wife abroad. I didn’t know that Russian ladies are so beautiful, intelligent and hot! Because of this site I feel more confident and revival. I am planning my trip to Ukraine so hope to meet some gorgeous Russian women and who knows, maybe to fall in love this spring. So I have a lot of plans for future and I am not afraid to be myself. I have a lot of good friends here and I hope one day I will meet my Russian bride and we’ll get married and have kids. Thank you guys for your 24-hours assistance!
Ray Tylor 48 y.o. Australia
Step2Love.com is the perfect solution for me. I have satisfied all my wishes and needs for a price which I could afford. It is a joy to be here. I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly and easy I could find my number-one lady. They met all my requests and assisted quickly! I am happy I chose it and thank you for everything you are doing for me.
Simon Forester 36 y.o. USA
It is a pleasure for me to be on your site. A high quality of all provided services helped me meet wonderful ladies. One of the best things - is a great search system. I can truly appreciate your web design for its simplicity and focus. Life keeps getting better with your site and I would like to thank you for it. Yours truly happy member, Simon.
Peter Richardson 50 y.o. Australia
This is how perfect dating site should look like. Great conditions, loyal managers, and beautiful ladies help me feel very secure and motivated. I just want everyone to know that I had success on your site. I am already in love with a charming lady who is 14 years younger than me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to the most incredible ladies I've ever seen.
William D. 58 y.o. New Zealand
I came to Step2love for finding my person, a woman who will awake bright feelings in me, who will bring me to life again. I met her on my third day of being here. I remember this day very well. I got her letter and I was reading it as an old but favorite book, the one which I read long time ago but forgot its taste. Everything was very familiar to me and it seemed to me that she knows me and knows how I feel. We talked with each other for almost three months and I feel like I am getting back to myself. There is a special connection between us. I am going to spend time in New Year with her. I feel as if I am starting my life again...
Joe S. 63 y.o. USA
I love the site and the ladies are just wonderful. I am not sure I am ready to pick one yet… I am planning to visit a few ladies in March. Hope it will not be too cold in Ukraine at that time. I will let you know who is the one when I come back. Keep doing a good job and thank you for the live chat and video. It definitely helps. I have never been so excited in my entire life. What a delight these ladies are!
Paul G. 60 y.o. USA
I want to tell you that you guys are great! You helped me when I was lost. Maryna answered all my questions with the patience of an angel. She was very kind and helpful. Now I know how to use your site and what to expect. I got very close with Natalia. She is the best woman of all. We are making plans together and will see each other in Prague. It will be our vacation away from everyone. Wish us good luck…
Chris P. 51 y.o. USA
Thank you for the live video! I met Ksyusha and fell hard for her. She is so perfect… Her letters were so sweet and sincere. I still can not believe how lucky I am to have found her. Thank you again and God bless you.
Felix,42 Canada
I like that there is a transparent and convenient payment system. and if you have questions, support assistants always help
Edgar,51 USA
Here i met one beautiful lady. i want to meet her in real life. what i have to do for it? thank you
Daniel,34 Great Britan
Interface is very easy to use. Convenient location of buttons. I immediately understood how to use the site.
Carl, 36 Great Britan
Guys, I heard that you have a contest. Maybe I'm wrong. Can you subscribe me on your news?
Adam, 42 USA
I have met HER! She is special for me. I LOVE her! Thank you!
Edwin,40 USA
A large variety of girls of all ages and types of appearance. Here you can find really good friends and of course true love. It's fantastic!

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