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Olga 29 years old Crimea Feodosia, Russian bride profile,
Olga (ID: 118014)
Olga 29 years old Ukraine Nikolaev, Russian bride profile,
Olga (ID: 100193)
Anastasiya 25 years old Ukraine Nikolaev, Russian bride profile,
Anastasiya (ID: 127188)
Nataliya 22 years old Ukraine Nikolaev, Russian bride profile,
Nataliya (ID: 129489)
Marianna 26 years old Ukraine Nikolaev, Russian bride profile,
Marianna (ID: 126946)
Inna 23 years old Ukraine Nikolaev, Russian bride profile,
Inna (ID: 127506)
Lyudmila 22 years old Ukraine Nikolaev, Russian bride profile,
Lyudmila (ID: 122233)
Tatyana 28 years old Ukraine Nikolaev, Russian bride profile,
Tatyana (ID: 128595)
Valeriya 22 years old Ukraine Kherson, Russian bride profile,
Valeriya (ID: 129516)
Olga 27 years old Crimea Feodosia, Russian bride profile,
Olga (ID: 126998)

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I like this site very much and I am having positive results. I am recommending this site to my older bachelor friends as well as this site appears to be reputable and honest.

Thomas is the perfect solution for me. I have satisfied all my wishes and needs for a price which I could afford. It is a joy to be here. I was thoroughly impressed with how quickly and easy I could find my number-one lady. They met all my requests and assisted quickly! I am happy I chose it and thank you for everything you are doing for me.

Ray Tylor

It is a pleasure for me to be on your site. A high quality of all provided services helped me meet wonderful ladies. One of the best things - is a great search system. I can truly appreciate your web design for its simplicity and focus. Life keeps getting better with your site and I would like to thank you for it. Yours truly happy member, Simon.


This is how perfect dating site should look like. Great conditions, loyal managers, and beautiful ladies help me feel very secure and motivated. I just want everyone to know that I had success on your site. I am already in love with a charming lady who is 14 years younger than me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to the most incredible ladies I've ever seen.


I came to Step2love for finding my person, a woman who will awake bright feelings in me, who will bring me to life again. I met her on my third day of being here. I remember this day very well. I got her letter and I was reading it as an old but favorite book, the one which I read long time ago but forgot its taste. Everything was very familiar to me and it seemed to me that she knows... Read more


I love the site and the ladies are just wonderful. I am not sure I am ready to pick one yet… I am planning to visit a few ladies in March. Hope it will not be too cold in Ukraine at that time. I will let you know who is the one when I come back. Keep doing a good job and thank you for the live chat and video. It definitely helps. I have never been so excited in my entire life. What a delight these ladies are!


I want to tell you that you guys are great! You helped me when I was lost. Maryna answered all my questions with the patience of an angel. She was very kind and helpful. Now I know how to use your site and what to expect. I got very close with Natalia. She is the best woman of all. We are making plans together and will see each other in Prague. It will be our vacation away from everyone. Wish us good luck…


Thank you for the live video! I met Ksyusha and fell hard for her. She is so perfect… Her letters were so sweet and sincere. I still can not believe how lucky I am to have found her. Thank you again and God bless you.


Hi to all searchers for the right person in their life! I’ve joined this site because of loneliness. My friends thought that I was crazy and desperate but I didn’t listen to them! To be honest, I didn’t know that women in Ukraine are so attractive; all my ex-girlfriends can’t be compared with them in beauty and charm. I like that this site has not only regular mails but also video dates and phone calls. I didn’t comprehend that so many Russian women were lonely and wanted to have my attention... Read more

Happy couple

Dear Step2love stuff, I’ve enjoyed your services and I'm happy to report that I’ve become engaged to a gorgeous woman from Ukraine. Thank you for your part in helping me to find the most important person in my life! The day when I’ve met my Lyudmila made me believe in fate! I joined this site because of curiosity. I didn’t expect much from the dating site cause after my painful divorce I couldn’t trust any woman. But I’ve received a letter that changed my views... Read more

Allan and Lyudmila

Hello to everyone! Don’t tell it to my wife, but honestly I wasn’t looking for something serious, I’ve joined this site because wanted to meet a sexy lady from Ukraine. But do you know what? I am a married man now, and my wife Valeria is the most beautiful and intelligent woman in Ukraine! You may be interested why I’ve changed my mind? The answer is simple – a good woman changes everything in man’s life and makes him happy!.. Read more


Thank you guys for your help to bring people together! I didn’t believe that dating site may affect my life. I was lonely and have tried some local sites but after some unsuccessful dates I decided to take a risk and to look for a wife abroad. I didn’t know that Russian ladies are so beautiful, intelligent and hot! Because of this site I feel more confident and revival... Thank you guys for your 24-hours assistance! Read more


I didn’t know much about Ukraine but now I am in love with its culture and traditions and of course gorgeous Ukrainian girls! When I first came at this site I didn’t know where to start …and whom I should communicate with ...Ukrainian women are like superstars and I can’t help but wonder why all these gorgeous women are single… I guess Ukrainian men are blind. I made a lot of friends here and I hope they will meet me this spring... Read more


I found a wonderful perfect woman and I am the happiest husband in a world! I spent almost 5 years in a search of a woman of my dreams. I was married and that was one of the worst mistakes in my life. Actually after my divorce I received many greetings but that story is forgotten now... Read more

Ditmar and Oksana

She's my happy babe, my wonderful exotic flower, my little girl, my pretty Ukrainian wife... It started as a game, nothing serious, flirt in chat and long correspondence, and... And then she became my ...


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If you are searching for Russian and Ukrainian women you are on a right way! International online dating service will help you to meet your soulmate, friend and future bride! Our database consists of a big amount of Russian and Ukrainian women who are searching for their love relationship. Hundreds of gorgeous Russian ladies are waiting for their foreign prince on a white horse. Using our Russian dating site you can find your own princess!

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