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Policy of Cookies

The following policy is of effect starting from the 28th of May, 2018.

In the Policy of Cookies you can find all information and explanations on what cookies are, as well as the similar technologies. They are used for collecting different types of cookies by the site step2love.com from the peculiar devices you use. If you wish to find additional and detailed information on how exactly your personal data is processed, please, check the Privacy Policy.

Using our site means that the service providers and the site may collect and use web beacons and cookies etc. Your interactions with the Service will be stored. This is done for the improving of the service and to help you have the fast, comfortable and protected experience on the Site. Also this may be used for the purpose of advertising.

Your Cookies

What are the Cookies we collect? They are the text files with the list of information. They are placed to the device and browser when you check the messages or visit different site pages. The cookies contain: the title of its original domain, the time of existence of this cookie and the special number that is generated randomly or some other similar identifier. Apart from this information, your cookies may also include information on the device you use, such as history of browsing, the settings and the list of activities you conducted on the site while using the Service.

Types of Cookies

There are several types of cookies that we can collect:

  • Session cookies. This type exists only during the current session you have on the site, and as soon as you complete it, they expire. They contain information on your actions only during this particular session. Their collection helps us make the work of the site more efficient.
  • Persistent cookies. They are not deleted after you complete your session on the site and close your browser. Persistent cookies help you automatically log in to the site that you have previously visited and registered on. Our website uses them for analytics.
  • First-party cookies. They are placed by our website.
  • Third-party cookies. This type of cookies is placed by our providers of the service.

Other Utilized Technologies

Apart from cookies we use web beacons. This technology is also known as "pixel tags". This technology includes the unique identifier. When you visit the Service or open the e-mail sent by our site, this identifier help us to see that this action was conducted.

There are also technologies that are operating through all your devices and browsers that store the information in the device, in the local storage, or in the browser. In some cases these technologies might not be operated by your browser automatically, and will require actions directly from the device.

All these technologies are titled as "Cookies" in this policy for better and easier understanding.

The Ways Your Cookies are Used by Our Service

We are willing to provide you with the Services of the highest quality ad to help you have the safe experience on our website. Cookies may be changed in case of adding the new or improving the existing Services. Here are the purposes that we use the cookies for:

  • Authentication: You may not enter your login data each time you visit step2love.com, as the cookies will remember your information.
  • Security: To prevent any malicious activity, to detect any undesired, harmful and suspicious activity on the website, we use cookies, as their enabling also can accomplish security function
  • Researching and analytics: We apply cookies to see all the ways our website is used and to detect the best opportunities to improve our Service and features we provide you with.
  • Advertising: Cookies help us show you the advertisement that is fitting you the most. Also cookies allow to avoid repeating showing of the same advertisement and its correct displaying.

Managing Your Cookies

You can turn on and off your cookies in any browser and device you use, depending on its type. Yet, it is highly recommended not to limit the work of the cookies on our site. Otherwise your experience will no longer be full ad personalized basing on your preferences. Besides, your logi information will not be stored in your device and browser.

Cookies of the Third Parties

Apart from our own cookies, our site may also use the cookies from the third party providers of services. They help us to make the most comfortable experience for you and to fully enjoy our Service. These provides also use and place their own cookies, but we don’t control them. In the majority of cases, the cookies of the third parties conduct the security, research, advertising and analytical roles. They may gather information for you identification that might also include your IP address and other unique identifiers of your devices. However, these third parties are not allowed by our website to collect your personal information provided to us and to use it for their own purposes. We conduct the confidential agreement with these third parties, and they have the legal restrictions on the collecting and using of the personal information of our clients. All the cookies provided and used by the third parties follow the policies of these parties. All the information on this issue can be found in the policies of these third party services.

Cookies of Google Analytics

Our site uses the service of Google Analytics that is the part of Google services. We refer to it for reporting the site trends, as Google Analytics allows to collect cookies and other data. You can check additional information on the collection technologies of Google here http://www.google.com/settings/ads. Also you may add a Google Analytics pop-up add-on to your browser by downloading it here https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.