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With all the international dating sites you have to choose from, how do you choose the safest and best one? You choose this one. Step2Love stands out because we not only introduce you to thousands of sexy, smart Russian women, we do so in a secure environment. Our site is safe to use, with stringent privacy policies. We offer unique services such as gifts and e-cards to help you woo the lovely ladies. And these beautiful single ladies are strictly verified. Our company representatives meet individually with each and every lady in person. We explain the Terms of Use to the lady so she understands how our international dating site works, and we record a validation video of each. That is how you know the beautiful Russian brides you see on our website are seriously interested in dating a foreign man.
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Testimonials » Our Members' Feedbacks

Bill and Ekatherina

Hello to everyone! My name is Bill and my story sounds like usual one but it changed my life and made me believe that the love is the most important feelings that people can experience. I am the man who is always ready to travel. I dont work that is why I have a lot of free time. When I talked to Ekatherina first time I suggested her to meet. Much to my astonishment she agreed. The agency organize a meeting in 2 days. It remained me to buy tickets and fly to Dnipro. She met me at the airport with interpreter and took me to my hotel. I was very happy to see her at the airport, to see her agitation, her shiny eyes and to feel her warn hug) I will be happy to meet her again and feel her warm hugs!
Miquel and Svetlana

I met Svetlana on step2love. After exchanging messages and letter we decided that it was a high time to meet. I came to Kiev by plane from Spain, then I took a buss and went to Sumy. It was very long jorney, but we at last met in nice restaurant. We both felt little awkwardness, but I managed to discern her modesty and shyness. Those things made her even more beautiful and desirable for me. The second meeting was much better. She was more unselfconscious and I saw her sense of humor, her sexuality. She is very feminine and I like to be with her. I had doubts before I registered here, but I met a right person, and when I managed to find a woman whom I was dreaming about, doubts fell away! I wish everyone to find love!
Scott and Julia

I was the hardest man to believe that there are beautiful ukrainian single women who are ready to leave their countries and their life for foreign man. But after I tried I can say for sure that the site step2love and beautiful ukrainian single ladies are real. I went to Ukraine and I was convinced that it is possible to build family with Ukrainian woman. I met Julia on step2love and I was afraid to go to Ukraine and see her. Trip can bring no results and it is very long and expensive. But after meeting Julia in real I realized that she was worth it. I didnt believe that she would show on a meeting till the last minute. But when I saw her coming inside the hole of the hotel ( I was waiting her there) I was to be convinced. We had very long dinner. We were talking about everything. She was honest and communicative and showed me a lot of pictures of her family and friends. I enjoyed the time I spend with her. I hope she will become my bride and that will be the biggest gladness in my life!
Robert and Vitaliya

I met Vitaliya on step2love.com. I have been on this site for two years, and had 2 bad experience with women here. One didnt feel the same feelings which I felt during our meeting, and another woman wanted to have only friendship. When I declared that I was done with my this sire and my dream to find ukrainian bride, vitaliya appeared. We started out communication and in some time I advised her to meet each other and she agreed. During our first meeting I realized that she was the woman I expected to see in my future bride. She is very energetic, sympathetic, and she can hear the person. We are still communicating and she is very kind to me. She is always ready to give me a nice advice and support me when I dont see any way to fix something. She is wonderful woman and I am sure that I will win her heart very soon!
Christopher and Alina

My name is Christopher. I cant count the amount of the women whom I was talking with. I traveled to Ukraine many times and met different women. Only one woman whom I met during my last trip was truly honest with me and shared my desires to build a strong family. She is special woman. I adore her outside beauty, but her heart, soul and mind are the things which made me fall in love with her give her all my heart. I am always interested in every little detail of her daily life and when I came back home after our meeting, we were talking every day online. When I came to see her again I proposed her and she said that she was ready to be my wife. I dont want to hurry with moving because I want those hassles be a pleasure for her not the stress.
Jimmy and Irina

We met each other on step2love. We were talking in chat and saw each other on camera. After short communication we decided to meet each other. She was the first woman I met from the site and she told me that I was the first man she met abroad. It was like a fairy tale, because we wanted to meet very much and it was our first experience! Irina is extremely smart and experienced woman with a brilliant sense of humor!! Now we continue our communication in chat and also outside the site. I feel that Irina is the woman who will make me happy!
Jerry and Olesya

My name is Jerry. I met Olesya not long ago. We also had a meeting in the city Lvov. It wasnt so long, because unfortunately I had opportunity to spend there only few days. But it was enough for us to feel a special spark between us! It was warm so we were walking a lot. She is very active woman. She walking through the streets with me and it was a great pleasure for me. She is independent woman with good profession and I am sure that she will become a good partner for me. She is a fitness instructor. And she will find a job in Germany very fast!
Richard and Daria

Hello. My name is Richard. I havent met anyone yet in real. But I got acquainted with amazing woman Daria. She lives in Kiev, and that I great, because it will be easy for me to visit her. I dont know Russian language at all, and I heard that only little percentage of Ukrainian people can understand English language. And I can not imagine traveling through the country without communicating with people. So she is ready to meet me and it is really great. I cant wait to see her in real, to give a warm hug and spend a lot of time with her. She is amazing woman and I keep a huge hope to have at least a little chance to have happy relationship with her!
Howard and Larisa

While being on the site step2love I loved to read love stories, and I really believe in each of them. They were keeping a hope in my heart very warm. And I met finally a woman who is perfect couple for me! Meeting her was the most pleasant thing from the time I got divorced. She is very intelligent and smart woman and I am sure that we have mutual attraction. She lives in very nice city Zaporoghye. She is ready to move but I promised her to visit her family twice a year
Thomas and Olga

Hello to everyone! I like the site step2love. I have been using it pretty long time and got acquainted with amazing women here. I went to Ukraine some months ago and met there a nice woman Olga. We were not communicating on the site. We met on the cafe. I went to Kiev for work, and it happened that I had some days off. I went to a nice restaurant to have a dinner. Olga was there with her friends and I met her there. It was very nice and warm meeting. We continued our communicating after this wonderful evening and I want her see again very soon!
Lawrence and Julia

It is my sixth visit to Ukraine! And I hope that meeting with Julia will lead to something! We met each other on step2love and our communication was like we were knowing each other very long time. We could talk for hours and I never was get enough from her. The interpreter met me at the airport and brought me to the apartment I rent. Thank her very much. She made a good job and helped us a lot. Now Julia joined english courses and I hope that soon she will talk at least a little english! English courses were my present to her. I like to make her happy! Thank to step2love for having such great opportunity to meet this gorgeous woman!
Robert and Anna

I would like to share my story that brought me so good and happy emotions. I got acquainted with intelligent woman on step2love. Our correspondence was very emotional and enjoyable and we got so much interested in each other that we decided that it was time for us to meet in person!  Our communication brings me lots of happy expectations and it promises to become happy.I believe in my good chance! We are going to meet very soon
Mike and Nadya

Hello to all people who is searching for love! I met Nadya on step2love and we didnt communicate on the site too long. I dont understand how people can write letters for years and dont have a desire to see a woman with whom you have a correspondence! I came to meet her at her city. She lives in Kharkiv. We spent very nice time together. She showed me her favorite restaurant. Our first meeting showed that we for sure need to have more meetings! We really enjoy each other company and i can\'t wait to see her again. I am sure this is not the end of our story.
Justin and Lyba

Hello to all single hearts! I want to say that step2love helped me to find a woman of my dream. Her name is Lyba. We were communicating on step2love and then I came to Kiev to meet her. She lives in Zaporoghye, but it wasnt difficult for us to organize a meeting and it worked out. I came to her city by train and we met there. She is very fun and beautiful woman and I and I am sure that she enjoyed the time we spend together in Dnipro. I wish every woman believes in real love like Lyba does. I am sure that each mam who connects his life with her will become the most happy woman in the world! I hope I will become that man who will enjoy her love the whole life!
Met and Tamara

I just wanted to say thanks to step2love for such nice experience in communicating with such nice woman from Ukraine. I found our a lot about this beautiful country and beautiful woman Tamara. I was trying to be very careful during the first meeting as I didnt want to hurt her. She told me that I am well mannered and intelligent man, and I felt that she was sincere with me. This is a really good experience in my life. Thanks for the organization of the meeting. Everything was at a very high level!
David and Alena

Hello. My name is David and I met wonderful woman in Nikolaev. She is pretty woman and I appreciate her listening skills and kindness. She is very supportive, understanding and self-confident woman, and every time when I talk to her I feel like I am talking with my native soul. When I met her at first after communication online, I realized that I was very lucky man to find such friend. Of course I hope that our deep friendship will turn into love and long term relations. She introduced me a lot of ukrainian traditions, and I am proud of her as she remembers them good, and was talking about them with so big enthusiasm. I respect the adhesion to her country and culture!
Neil and Tatyana

Hello. I wanted to thanks to step2love I met Tatyana in Dnepro city. She is very nice and intelligent woman. I enjoyed our communication online but the communication in real life was much pleasant. I felt that we had chemistry between each other and my sympathy was mutual. She is very smart and talkative. She showed so much interesting in her city. I am very happy to have such opportunity to meet Tatyana in my life. I feel that she is the woman I want to spend the rest of my life. I like this feelings. I will try to do my best to realize it as soon as possible
Martin and Natalia

Thanks to step2love I met Marina. We had been communicating for about half a year and then we realized that it was time to meet and see whether our online communication had any future. Our meeting was very interesting. She was smiling and warm. We met in Kiev and spend very nice time together. We both spoke russian language so we didnt have any language barrier. I was happy to meet her but time will show us what is going to happen in the future. I think it prepares for us something interesting.
Paul and Karina

Hello)) I didnt want to write my story because it isnt finished yet, but I think that it will be interesting for man to know that all women whom I was communicating with are real. I was communicating with a lot of women. I dont think that this fact shows me in a better side, but I am single man, and this is my way to search for love. I went to Ukraine many times. I was in Kharkiv, Odessa, Kiev, Nikolaev, Donetsk (2012), Cherkassy. I was meeting some women, but I am in relations with Karina. She is from Dnepro. We have already met two two times. I invited her to visit Italy. So I am waiting for her in January. I feel that soon will happen something special
Brian and Sofiya

Hello everyone. I am very happy that there is such site step2love, which help people to search for second half without any limits and borders. I registered here few months ago, and what did I saw?? So many beautiful in Ukraine are single, and maybe I will be able to change the life of at least one woman!! I got acquainted with Sofiya a month ago. She was so sad and didnt have a hope that she would find someone. She lives with her little Daughter Mariya. I like her very much because she is honest and never afraid to show her feelings. I am sure that I will be able to make her little family happy!
Bruce and Margo

My name is Bruce and I am married with ukrainian woman. Her name is Margo and we met on step2love. It wasnt easy for us to do everything to be together. Because she was living in Kiev and I live in USA. We met only one time. I came to visit her and stayed with her for a week. When I came next time we decided to become engaged. Then we got married in her country and made a little party. Now we live together and we are happy) Thank you for such opportunity!
Jeffrey and Alina

Hello to everyone. I have a ukrainian girlfriend and we are happy together. We met on step2love.com and I was searching her for a long time. I am happy that I never give up. We are not married yet, but we see each other very often. I live in Denmark and it is very easy for me to visit her. We also travel together and we enjoy it. Our next trip will be to Greece and I hope to propose her there
Alex and Suzi

Vsem privet. Kak dela? In english this means “hello. How are you?” I have been to Ukraine many time and I really love this country. The food here is amazing, people here are very communicative and women are the most beautiful)) I was on step2love not for long time. I like traveling very much. I got acquainted with some women on the step2love and went to see them. All women appeared on meeting. After that I always advise my friends this site if they want to meet ukrainian woman. Suzi was one from the woman whom I met from the site. I liked her most of all because she was very communicative and affectionate! She is nice woman and we are still communicating and want to spend vacation together.
Jay and Karina

I am jay and I am married with beautiful ukrainian woman. I met her on step2love. She was taking part in the contest on this site. And I vote for her))) After the end of the contest I noticed that she didnt win) So I wrote her that she was a winner for me, because she is the most beautiful woman) Such way we started our correspondence. We were talking about everything. She was always very open and never hide anything. I appreciated it very much. She was married before and her married wast happy at all, that is why she doesnt want hurry and I am ready to wait as much as needed. We are planning to meet and I hope that we can meet in November and I want to be with her on this special day.
Michael and Alyona

Hello. My name is Michael and I have a profile on step2love. I have profile also on some another dating site, but I usually use step2love only, because I noticed that women on step2love are ready to meet and that is the main thing for me. I got acquainted with Alyona 3 months ago. I wrote a letter to her first after I had read her profile and watched all her videos. I was very surprised that she answered me, because I was older then her on 18 years. She lives and works like a doctor in Kiev. I like her very much and we are going to meet in September, because this month is more comfortable for her to take vacation. I have already booked an apartment where I will live and I cant wait a time when I see her.
Peter and Tatyana

If people asked me about my experience in the first day of my being in Ukraine, I would say horrible things. Because my first day really was like that. I was corresponding with Tatyana on step2love and decided to come to Ukraine to meet her. Of course I was afraid because there is a huge distance between each other. And everything could happen not like you planned. And when I came to Dnipro she didnt answer my letters and phone calls. You even cant imagine what did I feel that day. I passed such huge distance for her and I was very sad about her not taking a phone. She connected me only on the third day. We met and she said that her granny checked into a hospital. We went together to visit her. I was very sorry about her granny and of course I was helping as much as possible but I really was happy to be a part of her family at that time. We still keep in touch , and she is going to visit me soon. I want to show her my house and the city she might to live it.
Phil and Mariya

Good day. I dont mind tell my story, especially if it helps someone to find true love. It is not easy to find such person with whom you can build relations, especially in USA. Women in USA dont think about family and relations at all and never want to have kids. I was dreaming about big family with kids and beautiful wife who takes care about them))) I heard so many nice things about Slavic women. I realized that I want to be with slavic woman only. I decided to search online because cant go to Ukraine and search there. I dont know this country and dont know russian language also. First I was corresponding with some women on step2love, but then I decided that my heat took Mariya. Smart, real and sensuous. So I decided to organize a meeting with her only. I went to Krivoy Rog. There wasnt a straight flight to her city, that is why I came through Kiev. Krivoy Rog is small city but pretty nice. The meeting was great and she was good woman but we didnt feel a chemistry between each other. We are still corresponding and have good relations. The first step is made. And Ukraine is nice country. And I am sure that somewhere my loving woman lives
Brian and Olga

Hello to everyone. I want to tell about my first experience on step2love. I was trying to be very careful, because I heard not only good things but also bad one. But I decided to try and have my own experience. I chose this site because after making some research I realized that step2love has more happy stories and good opinions. So I got acquainted with one beautiful woman) we are talking with her via letters and sometimes meet in chat to see each other on camera. For now it is the only way for me to communicate with her, because I cant meet her now. But I promised to do that because I have very serious intentions towards her, I hope she can read this)))))
Jay and Anna

Our meeting with Anna was very nice) We both enjoyed it. I decided to start my story with the meeting, because only after the meeting with Anna I understood that we had very strong connection and chemistry. We had a correspondence on step2love. I didnt know anything about this site until I started to use it. Her english was not very good but I understood ever word that she wrote me. That was great. We were communicating for 6 months. That was enough for me to feel that I wanted to visit her in real life. She was happy to find out that I was going to meet her. I came to Nikolaev bu she didnt meet me at the airport because I came very late. But we met on next day in the morning. We had very nice dates during all three days that I spent in Nikolaev. We liked each other very much. Of course I was nervous, because real meeting is a different. But she was so beautiful that I couldnt think about anything. It was our first real meeting. We still need some little time, but I am sure that everything will be okay)
Frank and Alena

Hello to everyone. Are there men who also dream to find beautiful ukrainian bride. I used step2love site for some time and found my woman very fast. She is so smart and kind woman. I fall in love with her with the first glance! I was chatting with her and saw her in camera. She is very beautiful and funny!! I was so happy to meet her and now we are still communicating! We met just one time and we enjoyed each other! We are still keeping in touch with her now and soon we are going to spend vacation together! We will also take her child Alisa, because I want to get to know her very good also)
Chris and Mariya

My friends advised me to register on step2love 2 years ago, but I did it. We registered at the same time. He has already found his woman and she acquainted me with her friend. We both came to Kiev. My friend was visiting his girlfriend and I was meeting Mariya. Of course we spent the separately. I was with Mariya only first days, and we liked each other. She is very intelligence and smart woman, she showed me so many beautiful places. Soon my friends will get married and the wedding will be in Kiev. So I will also come and will go with Mariya on the weeding)
Dave and Ekatherina

My name is David and this is my beautiful wife Ekatherine. I met her on step2love. I have been on this site very long time before I met this amazing woman. She is very kind and romantic woman and I never believed that dating site would help me to find woman. We were communicating 1,5 year. I had bad experience on this site also, but who does carry insurance?) It is good to have such opportunity not to set a limit in our searching
Roger and Margaritta

Hello to everyone! Never go to Ukraine because you will stuck there! Hahha I have been there many times. I like this country but there are so many beautiful ukrainian women that my eyes always take run!! Every time when I go to Ukraine I meet my friend. Her name is Margaritta. We got acquainted on step2love.com. We didnt become a couple, because we are different, but are perfect to be friends. My heart is still free and I want to find my beautiful bride and Margaritta helps me)))
Vlad and Alena

If to be honest I have never believed that dating sites. Because I never met a couple in my life who got acquainted online. I never believed in such relations. But at once I felt that I dont have another chance to find a good wife, because I have only few hours a day that are free and I can do what I want. I saw they site step2love when I made a little investigation and realized that it would be comfortable for me. It has everything that I need to be sure that the woman is real and presents there are not so expensive) I met Alena in video chat. I was looking at her some minutes and only then I wrote her a message) She was very nice and looked much better in cam. Pictures never shows real inside and outside beauty. Now we are corresponding by letter and see each other in chat on Saturdays morning. It is the most available time for me to talk with her. We have big time difference but I am sure it will not influence our relations. She is ready to meet me in her city. She lives in Nikolaev and I am ready to go there. She will tell me soon the dates of her vacation and then we can plan our meeting. I am looking forward to meet her
Max and Alina

Hello. My name is Max. I met my girlfriend Alina on the step2love. We didn’t talk too long on the site. We met each other in Kiev. I am very thankful to the managers who organized a meeting in Kiev. Olga is from Stepnogorsk and I couldn’t flight there. We met in Kiev and spent 5 days together. Next time we met in Italy. I met her there and proposed her)) I made decision very fats because I felt that she is the woman I want to be with. I am married guy and I am very happy with her!
Brad and Aleksa

Hello) Am I the popular man on step2love?? I get so many letters every day. I even don’t have a time to answer them all, I hardly have a time to read some of them. Lol I want to say that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful women in the world and I found my woman here. Honest, beautiful, smart and she is ready to move to another country. She wrote me on the step2love a short message and I answered her and we started to communicate. We have been communicating for 5 months. She always sends me videos and different pictures. I appreciate that she shares with me her life. Thanks for such opportunity to meet such amazing woman! I hope we can get married soon)
Rid and Olga

Hello. My name is Rid. I use the site step2love for some years. I am communicating with amazing woman Olga. We met only one time during our communication, because of my work. I cant go there very often and I really appreciate that Olga is such patient with me)) When we met at first time , she was very warm to me and we spent nice weekends in Kharkiv. She told me that she needs more time to understand what feelings doesn’t she have to me, but I am ready to meet her again. I need some time to save money for my trip, but I really want to meet her again. I am very lucky to find her!
Don and Natali

Hello everyone. I want to tell a nice story about meeting Natali in Ukraine. She lives in Cherkassy. It is very little city but I found there very nice hotel Niva. I came to her city and spend there 6 days. We got acquainted on the step2love. We were communicating there for 6 days. I will meet her again in December. Then I will write the rest!)
Brian and Anna

Hello. I see that there are a lot of people who found there second half, and I feel lucky also) I saw the dating site site step2love long time ago but didnt want to register there, because I was married and I didnt need anyone in my life. I got divorced 5 months ago, and I thought that I lost my chance to be happy again. I registered on the site just to see what dating site means. Anna is the first woman who started talking to me. Of course she noticed that I was little sad and very pessimistic about my search. She helped me to believe me in myself. She helped me to believe in myself and realize that I have a chance to be happy again. Thanks a lot for such great opportunity to meet an amazing woman!
Alexander and Irina

Hello to everyone!! I met an amazing woman on step2love and I hope that she will become the only one in my life! I like everything about her! She is very intelligent and beautiful woman! When I read her letter I understood that she was searching for serious relations. I answered her and we started to communicate. We were exchanging pictures and videos and that helped us to get to know each other better. She is from Odessa. Very nice city and I enjoyed it very much. I was living in apartment and we met each other every day during a week. We didnt have problems in communicating because we had an interpreter with us, but she promised to improve her English skills)I am sure she wants us to meet again and I dont mind. I am going to meet her again in November!
Edmond, 53

I always wanted to give all what I have to the lady I love, but I couldn’t find the one right for me. I was trying to use a lot of dating websites and other thing but this didn’t help. And then after all searching I started to use this site. First I thought that here everything is the same, but then I started to talk to Nastya. And I was falling in love with her with every day. I was so happy when we met first time and I know for sure that she was happy too. Then every next meeting was better and better. And now we are a couple and we belong to each other. And now I am finally ready to give all what I have to the one I love!
Jack, 44

Hi! I want to share with you my story. My name is Jack. A few years ago I divorced with my wife. It was difficult for me to lose her... I loved her, but for some reason I hurt her once. It was my fault and I was tormented by guilt. But time has passed. And I made conclusions from that situation. My daughter advised me to live on and try to build new relationships. And it was not easy for me. After long search in Internet I found Step2Love and decided to register. I received many letters from girls, but only one of them made my heart beating faster. Her name is Larisa. We communicated for a year and after that I decided that we have to live together. We are married for 2 years. And I'm so happy! Thank you Step2Love! You gave me a second chance!

Hello! My name is Bob. I want to share my experience on Step2Love. For 7 years I was alone. I lost my wife 7 years ago. It was difficult for me. I did not want relationships anymore. And I thought that at my age it's too late to think about women and relationships. I was sure of that. But my son did not like this. He wanted me to be happy again. He found your site and registered me on it. At first I was against such idea, but then I decided to see what it was all about. If to be honest, I was surprised that I was very popular among the women. Once I received a letter from my beautiful Mary. She wrote about her life and was very sincere. It has subdued me. We began to communicate. And I realized that I fell in love. I decided not to waste time. Now we are together. She supports, understands me and above all loves me. And I love her. I am very glad that I've met her. Thank you Step2Love!
Dale, 43

Hi there! We are Robert and Katerina from sunny California. We want to tell our story. We met on Step2Love 2 years ago. We were both in search for mutual love, we both had sad experience in the relationship, but believed in a miracle. And a miracle has happened! We communicated for several months. All days and nights. Turned out that we have many interests in common. After several meetings in Ukraine, we decided to get married. We are happy family now! And we wish good luck in search for all users here! Just believe in a miracle and it will happen with you! 2.I had just about given up on Internet dating after having had a bunch of very unsuccessful dates on other dating websites when someone suggested me to try your site. And then about a week after I created my profile here the nice lady with such a beautiful name Yaroslava wrote me. And we started to talk and decided to meet. For me it was very hard because I was afraid that she is not real. But she met me at the airport and then we spent a lovely week in Odessa. And after that in two months one more week in Europe. And after 2 years of meetings and chatting we decided that we want to get married! I can’t wait till she will be my wife! 3.When I'm remembering how everything was going on on this website I feel the light sadness (because I finished my search for love) and deep happiness (because I found my soul mate). Maybe it sounds ridiculous. How can I feel such different things at the same time? You know I have understood it long time ago that every human being has so unique and complex personality that it is hard to understand others. Even more hard to understand yourself. When I registered on Step2love I thought that it would be easy to pick one of those beauties, meet her and create a family together. Not so easy, guys! Sometimes I had a feeling that I'm trapped in my own desires and dreams. Every day brought something new connected with various ladies here. One day I could have a passionate feelings to one lady... next day the other lady woke up my tender feeling to her... and so on and on. As you can see it is really challenging to keep your goal on your mind. If you want to get success here you may follow only one rule: Keep remind to yourself that you are here for love! Not for fun or fooling around. It passed 3 years till I understood this one golden rule. Since then I finally arranged a meeting with three women from this website. Don't rush with conclusions! I know that we are looking for only one woman here. But what if something will go wrong after first real meeting? It was too much efforts, money, time for being declined and return home with nothing. So I'm not a Casanova. Just I'm reasonable man. As I predicted, one woman could not meet up when I was in her city. The other woman met me but she was very cold and was nothing in common with that funny and sunny woman with whom I was chatted for a year. And the third woman... Ksenia. She was a little bit nervous about our meeting. She felt herself awkward. Frankly speaking, I had the same feelings. Cause of that I can't say that our first meeting was like a firework in the starry sky. Just a meeting between two people who were so opened during communication on website and a little bit closed during first meeting. After first meeting there was second, third... and so on. I stayed in her city for a week. We had a meeting every evening. We felt more and more comfortable in company of each other with every new meeting. For you guys I will tell that I was a true gentleman and I didn't allow to myself something more than hugs, kisses, light touch to her hair and shoulders. I didn't want to crew everything with my desires. I was patient. After that visiting of Ukraine, we continued our communication. It was the other level of communication. Higher. I can't explain. I guess, you will understand what I mean when you will be on this stage of relations with lady from here. I returned on Ukraine on Christmas holidays. We spent holidays in a little cabin in Carpathian mountains. That was incredible time. We enjoyed by closeness of each other. Have you already guessed what kind of gift I presented to her on Christmas? A wedding ring. She said: YES! Then it was a long time for applying for visa K-1. Finally she came to me and we got married. We are planning to come visit her family in a year and make wedding there too. She wanted them to present on her wedding. So I will fulfill the wish of my dearest wife. My Ksenia. Thank you Step2Love for this meeting that completely turned all my life upside down!

I had just about given up on Internet dating after having had a bunch of very unsuccessful dates on other dating websites when someone suggested me to try your site. And then about a week after I created my profile here the nice lady with such a beautiful name Yaroslava wrote me. And we started to talk and decided to meet. For me it was very hard because I was afraid that she is not real. But she met me at the airport and then we spent a lovely week in Odessa. And after that in two months one more week in Europe. And after 2 years of meetings and chatting we decided that we want to get married! I can’t wait till she will be my wife!
Robert, 40

Hi there! We are Robert and Katerina from sunny California. We want to tell our story. We met on Step2Love 2 years ago. We were both in search for mutual love, we both had sad experience in the relationship, but believed in a miracle. And a miracle has happened! We communicated for several months. All days and nights. Turned out that we have many interests in common. After several meetings in Ukraine, we decided to get married. We are happy family now! And we wish good luck in search for all users here! Just believe in a miracle and it will happen with you!
Bernard, 57

I want to introduce you myself and my wife Galina. We've met here on Step2Love 2 years ago. I'm old user here. Had communication with some ladies. Even visited them several times. And all this relationships was just no more than friendship. But once I saw HER! Galina... I was impressed by her beauty, by the her intellect! It was love from the first sight. Amazing. After 8 month of communication we decided to join our lives together and forever. Now we live together and build plans for the future. I'm really happy. Thank you Step2Love!
Anthony, 42

I have tried several sites but thanks to your site Step2Love.com I have found the missing part to my heart: Olga. I've met lots of lovely people and built great friendships on this site but then Olga wrote to me and I understood that she is my soul mate. She moved to me two month ago and now we are planning our wedding that will be in October! I know that she is younger but I do not care, because I know that she is the one for me. We met here and all I can hope for is that everyone finds the happiness on this site that I have found. I never thought it's possible to meet a lady like Olga on a dating site, but it is!

Hello! On the photo you can see me Philip and my beloved wife Tatiana. We have been together for almost 3 years and all this thanks to Step2Love. We met when I was in despair after the divorce with my ex-wife. Good friend of mine saw my condition and advised me this site. I was surprised by the attention of the girls to my person. I chatted a lot with many ladies. But everything didn't enter further than friendly communication. But then I saw Marina. It was love from the first letter LOL. Sometimes I called her. She has a beautiful voice. Then I visited her. After this meeting, I totally fell in love. At first she didn't dare to move in with me. It was hard for Marina to leave her family. But finally she made this difficult decision. Now we are together and we are happy! Thank you Step2Love!
Colin, 46

Have you ever watched movie with a great love story and thought: it's just a movie, this never happens in real life? Familiar feelings and thoughts? Now imagine that I had such experience. I became a main character in a Great Love Story of the Century. He is mature man and experienced, doesn't believe in better future for himself. She is young, beautiful, believe in Big Love, Fate and Karma. Somewhere (on the website Step2Love.com) they have met... What happened next? It was some sort of the burst! They were arguing about every detail, fought for meaningless things... Why? They felt in love from the first sight but couldn't confess in feelings to themselves. So fast and deep plunging into the feelings! After 6 months, He remembered about existence of airplanes, took a ticket and visited to her. She said YES on the most important question in her life right before his plane back home. The first visit bound their hearts, souls and bodies. The second visit bound their lives (in church). Now we are happy new newlyweds!!! P.S. Guys, I was trying to write about our story more briefly but Olenka insisted on this style of writing. She is so romantic soul!
Billy, 32

It was fate, like everyone else states. I really know that we were meant to be together. The reason why I say this is because I didn’t even mean to look at her profile, and I knew that she lived too far away, but I messaged her and we started talking. And then we've met. Now 3 years later we are engaged and getting married next year. I have to thank your site! I was so happy to have met the soul mate of my life. Thank you so much for everything!
Tom 31

Hello! My name is Tom. A couple of years ago I was a frustrated bachelor. And now I'm happy family guy. And all this thanks to Ste2Love! I had an unsuccessful marriage after which I fell into depression. My daughter could not look at this anymore and registered me on the site. At first I was unhappy about such idea, but then I decided that it was time for changes. I received many letters from beautiful ladies. I'm very popular among women :) But only Natasha made my heart beat faster. She is very beautiful woman. We communicated for a long time. She saved me from depression. I started to smile. My daughter was very happy to see me in a good mood. After several meetings, I decided to make proposal to my lady. Now Natasha and I are family. I'm very happy!
Frank 55

Hello everyone! I want to inspire you tonight. It's really late right now. I'm sleepless and want to share my story with you. Maybe you are a guy who has insomnia too and my story can change something in your life. When I was 34 y.o. I married a good girl. Everything was fine... till we got to know about her cancer. We were married just 5 years. It was the one of the best time for me. We experienced big happiness and deep grief. We haven't had kids. After my beloved wife left me, I felt myself lost. It was like the whole world was covered by grey cloth. When I was 50 y.o. I realized that I want love again. I needed to be in atmosphere of coziness and warm, love and tenderness. I was tired of loneliness. I didn't know how to meet with good woman at that time. I was looking something in Internet and found website Step2Love. Here I met lovely woman. She is near my age. She has two adult kids. She was tired of loneliness too. It was hard to make a compromise between us. Till that moment we had life to which we got used. It was hard to change something because of the other person. Yes, of course, we have feelings to each other, but still. Right now my life is not fairy-tale. We still have topics for discussion. Just right now I feel that my world become very warm, generous, kind and I'm happy for that! Thank you Step2Love for my lovely woman. She is changing me step by step, and I do it to her!
Dale 33

.Hello! Want to tell you my success story. It was not like in fairy tales when you see the person and you fall in love with her. It took a long way for me and her. We were talking for two years on this site and in this two years I met with Katya 5 times, and 4 of them I was coming to see another girls and Katya was just like a friend. But the last time I came to Ukraine I understood that Katya is a great person and she is lovely girl and that I am in love with her. We spent such a lot of great time together as friends so that I didn’t know if she will want me as her boyfriend. But I asked and she said that we can try. And we tried! We are together now and I'm so in love with her! We are planning our honey moon and all other trips. Thank you for everything!
Christian 42

Two weeks ago I had wedding with one beautiful lady whom I’ve met here. I am so thankful that I found her. That was a long way for us, but we did it. Actually, we got married last year in Ukraine and now official in USA. One day I was looking through ladies profiles on this site and found Olga. First I was afraid to write her because I didn’t think that she will answer, but she did. And we start to chat and write letters. That time was incredible, we were trying to know each other before first meeting. And then we met, and then again and again. And after 7 meetings I understood that I can’t be without Olga. And here the result: we are married now!
Ted 27

Hi! I’m Ted. I’m from Australia. I want to share with you my little happy story. I’m a person who always tries to do something for other people. I like adventures and new feelings. My character is not easy and simple so for me it was usually difficult to build any relationships. Not many girls can understand me. My friends advised me to find some dating sites. I thought it was great idea. It was a chance to find new friends or even love… So I started to search for such sites. I tried many of them, but Step2Love for me became the most comfortable place where I found many interesting people. With some of them I still have communication (only as friends of course). To be honest I didn’t expect to find love on Step2Love. I thought that love on the distance is not good idea. But I was wrong! When I saw Diana I immediately fell in love. Her big green eyes bewitched me. I always thought about her. I'm not shy guy so I decided to write first. We found out that we have lot things in common. Amazing. It was first woman who really understood me. After a year of communication we got married. I’m really happy now. Don’t be afraid to visit Step2Love. Who knows where you can find your happiness?
Tony 43

My name is Tony. I met here a wonderful lady Larisa. She is so beautiful. We have been speaking in chats and messages during 1 year before we met in real life. And now I have only one thing to regret about. I was stupid that I did not dare to come for so long time. We had an amazing time together in Kiev and Lviv. That was really perfect week. We had an amazing time with Larisa. Now I am back to USA and can’t wait till our next meeting which we are planning in August. I want to say a BIG THANKS to the team of this site.
Jason 56

Hey, guys! We are writing to you from a cruise ship! Are you wondering who are we? Hahaha!!!! Jason and Anna! Yep! We are having amazing vacation... TOGETHER!!!! Are you jealous to us, guys? Don't be! You will have it all! Just believe in yourself and don't distract on the pretty but shallow goals on this site! There are so many pretty women! You feel like you are on the heaven! Totally forget about your aim to find REAL LOVE! Just talking and flirting, having fun and playing around! This is great... but time is passing by... and a year is flying quickly... another year... and so on and on! Guess what! In the end of all this you are still looking for love. Be wiser. Remember about your goal. Talk and GET TO KNOW lady. Not just having fun. Answer on questions: 1. Can you imagine this woman waking up near you in the morning? she doesn't have any make up, her hair is in mess, and maybe her breathe is not fresh. Are you scared? or she is still beautiful for you? 2. Do you see her near you in bad moment? she can be scared or even closed because of your hard emotional condition. OR she can support you and be near, just near for always. 3. How does she act herself during argues? What is her reaction? Can she make a compromise? Or she is focused only on her interests? Anna helped me to understand (a little bit, Anna's note) a mystery Slav soul. I know how it is hard to build relations on the distance. You can't tell me that it is impossible. I have done it. Now it is your turn! Be a winner! P.S. I would never write all this, but Anna insisted. She thinks that she has to help other Ukrainian women on the site in this way. My Anna is a real gem.
Morgan 28

Hello! My name is Morgan. I'm from sunny California. I'm just an ordinary guy, I live an ordinary life. I didn't have a great success in relationships. Once my girlfriend left me and since then I've been alone. I was incredulous to women. But I didn't loose the hope to find true love. And I decided to try dating sites. And I was very lucky to find Step2Love. I met a lot of friends here. All the girls are incredibly beautiful and very sociable. But only Diana stole my heart. She is beautiful, smart and very cheerful. She has an excellent sense of humor. For a year we communicated, and then I got the courage and asked her to move in with me. Now we are together. I'm happy! She made my life bright. Thank you Step2Love!
Andy 39

Hello! I want to say a big thank you to the site managers, support team and all people who are involved in site! Three months ago I started to talk to one lady, her name is Elena. After one month I came to see her and we had a great time together! now we are a couple and planning for a romantic trip to Europe. You know it always hard for man to write about these feelings but I think that I am in love with Elena and I want to built a family with her!

Hi! My name is Fred. I live in a small town in South Australia. For a long time I was alone. I was married for 20 years, but wife left me for another man. I was in depression after divorce, but decided that it can't continue longer. I decided to register on this site. I received letters from many girls, but they were just nice people with whom you can spend good time. But then I found a woman here. It was love at first sight. I fall in love with her instantly and decided to write her. It was the fateful letter that changed my life. Now we're married and happy together. Thank you Step2Love!

Let me tell you about my Love story. My name is Anthony and I am 55 years old. When I came to this site I was not sure if I can find Lady for me. From the beginning I didn’t want to talk to young ladies from whom I was receiving letters every day. I had hundreds letters in my inbox when I find one Lady. She is from Dnipro and she is 35. I was really surprised to find out that she liked me and wanted to talk to me. For some time I was acting like a stranger with her but after one month I understood that we became closer to each other. After 6 months we met for the first time in Kiev. Ekaterina (that is her name) is very attractive lady. I fall in love with her from the first minute I saw her in real. We spent a great time together. Now we are happy that we find each other. Hope that we will be together forever!

Hello, everyone! We are all here because of love. Everyone has hope to find the truly feelings, create a family, just be happy. I'm not an exception. My name is Daniel. I didn't believe that site really helps in this difficult search of lovely half. I was wrong. But you know, I'm happy that I was so wrong a year ago. Maybe I'm lucky man. Who knows? But I want to think that I found my Destiny. My time for love came. I can't say that everything was perfect ) No! I assure you that I made mistakes, trusted women to whom I should never trust, fought because of nothing in letters and so on. I'm just a human. It is normal that I made mistakes. Better to improve yourself after each mistake. Last fall I had a vacation. I planned to spend it in Ukraine. I wanted to meet a few women. One of them got sick, she couldn't meet. I was upset. The other one was very cold with me. I wondered if it is really that person with whom I was communicated more than 6 months? I still can't find the answer. Just I don't need this answer any more. And finally, the third woman met with me. I stayed at her city for all my vacation. I was surprised. She was very nice. Of course she didn't jump on me and kiss me passionately. I'm reasonable man. I understand that real meeting means a lot and first impression is very important. Better imagine that you meet first time in life with your woman at your real meeting. Like you have never communicated with her before. It helps to be not frustrated. She is in the same situation as you are. During our meetings I had feeling like we become mentally closer to each other but in other way. Deeper. It was bright and unforgettable feeling. Frankly speaking, we didn't kiss at my first time in Ukraine. After my coming back home, we continue communicate. But communication was different. At that point I felt that she is ready for being with me, more serious about me, planning new life with me. I invited her to come to see my country, my city. She came. Be aware, it is really long and difficult process to get visa to USA for Ukrainian women. At last she came to me. We spent week together. This time we became a real couple. After that we decided to get marry in few months. It was unbearable to live on two countries. We wanted to union. Right now, she is sitting near me and reminds me what to write next. She is smiling. I love you, Olechka! P..S. Thank you, Step2Love! You changed two lives.

My name is Steve and I am 55 years old. I met here my Ukrainian beauty one year ago. We’ve met several times. First meeting was really hard for us, because Nadya didn’t speak good English and we had to use interpreter. I was so happy when she introduced me to her family and her son when I came second time to her. I don’t want to sound trivially but I think that we will be together forever. Now we are preparing all documets for her and her son, so that everything will be perfect when she will come to USA. I wish you all to find here you love!
Nick, 44

I am using this site for a long time. I’ve met a lot of girls here, but all of them was not mine. I was looking for a lady that will be my friend,my love. And after couple years, I finally found Genya. She is much younger then me but it means nothing. When I first met her in real I fall in love from first second and I understood that I will do all for her. It took a long time for her to understand that she loves me too. Long hours of conversations, long flights, fighting this is all worth it. We are together now and very happy! And now I can delete my profile here. Thank you guys, for the site! You doing such a great job.
Colin, 42

I'm a lucky guy. There is a family joke that if I would buy a lottery ticket I win a million dollars! It seems a simple joke but if to be honest I'm really lucky guy. I was 40 y.o. when I started to think about my own family. I have older brother and he got married in his youth in 20 y.o. At that time our parents was disappointed in him. They expected him to become a doctor. He didn't finish his study. His young wife was pregnant and someone had to earn money for new family. Watching at this I decided that I marry only after building my career. I didn't want to see disappointment into my parents' eyes. So till my 40 y.o. I was busy with my career. Then I decided to find a good girl for creating family. It was pretty hard to find someone good and really family-oriented. After a year of my search I registered on few international dating sites. Step2love helped me to meet my future wife. Remember, I'm a lucky guy! I can't say that everything happened like in fairy-tale. I love my wife and I love our son. They are the most closest people in my life. I adore them! Thank you again. It is pleasant to know that someone connects hearts in this world. I don't even want to think what would be if I never registered on Step2love.
Jason 33

Hi! My name is Jason. I live in a small town in Latvia. I like my city, it is quiet and calm. Just the perfect place for quiet living of the marriage couple. I really appreciate the institution of the family and always wanted to have a family. Once I had the experience of serious relationship, but the girl chose my friend, not me. It's a sad story, but I live on. Of course, at first I did not believe that I will be able to love once again. I decided to focus on my career. But with age, the feeling of loneliness become stronger. I looked with envy on the happy couples. And once I saw ad of your site. I decided that it will not be worse, and registered on it. I received hundreds of letters from different girls. I was very flattered by their attention. But the letter from the girl Christine made my heart beating harder. Her story about failed relationships really resembled mine. We started communication. Christina is a very feminine,caring, kind, she knows how to listen and gives advice. I realized that she is my woman. Only mine. We've been married for 2 years. We have a son Michael. I can't describe in words how happy I am! I received everything I wanted!
Ben 32

Hello, everyone! I have never been adventurous person. After my father's death I realized that I'm 32 y.o., I live alone and I have no one in my life who can meet me at home in the evening. I felt the sorrow about my lost and about my life. And I was looking for advices in Internet... and I found your international dating site. So simple name "Step2love". But so big meaning for me. I so wanted to do this step that will bring love in my life. And I did it when I registered on your site. I can't say that everything after registration was easy for me. I had a lot of questions and your team helped me to feel myself free here and get the best emotions, discovers in my life. As you understood, I found here a woman who is not perfect but who is ideal for me. Only for me. We got married. After 3 years of communication on site. After my 2 visit of Ukraine. After her 1 visit of USA. After sweet time together and a few serious fights. I'm really grateful to you, Step2Love. It was more than 1 step to my love, it was a lot of steps. I overcame this road to my happiness. I wish you the best. Thank you.
Jack 42

Thank you Step2Love! My name is Jack. I'm an artist. A year ago I had a creative crisis. I paint people from life. And it so happened that I lost inspiration. I didn't have a Muse. It is really big tragedy for artists. And one day I saw the ad of Your website. I read that on Your website there are many beautiful girls. And in my mind appeared an idea. I thought that I will be able to find here a Muse and model for my work. I've seen a lot of pictures and videos of girls. They are certainly beautiful. But one day I received a letter from the girl who captivated my heart of artist. Her name is Maria. I fell in love at first sight! Can you imagine this? Now we are happy together. She helps me to create new artworks. I found Muse and true love. I'm just happy!
Chris 44

I think that my story will be different. I’ve met my Lady in Kiev when I was traveling to see another girl. I just looked at her at restaurant where I was sitting and fell in love. I only knew her name and when I came back home I was looking for her on this site. And how lucky I was when I found her. I wrote to Katya and we started to talk. We were talking all days long, I was online for her 24/7. I came to her last Autumn and was staying in Kiev one month. We had a really great time! Then Katya came to me to Israel for vacation and I asked her to live with me. Last week she came with all her things! I am so happy. Thank you!
John 30

It’s been a long time after I found here my love but just now I want to share this with everyone. I am John and I am from London. I have met Olga here one year ago. We’ve met couple times and I understood that I want her in my life forever. She agreed and we started to make all documents for her to move to me. Staff if this site helped us even in this ( I am not saying about our meetings, because for sure they helped us in all our meetings). And after 3 months of preparing she is finally with me and I am so happy! I wish all of you to meet here you true love!
Mark, 46

Hi! My name is Mark. I want to share with you my story. I am young man with good sense of humor, born in Texas. At a young age I got married. I loved my wife, but after 10 years of marriage we realized that we don't love each other. Nobody's to blame. It just happens. For a long time I was alone. Freedom is a wonderful thing. But in 45 years I realized that I don't want to come home to an empty house. I decided that I want to have a family again. But nowadays it is hard to find a woman who is fulfilling your all requirements. I thought about this idea for a long time, but decided to register on Step2Love. I talked with many girls, but one day I received a sincere email from a woman named Irina. She told me about her life, about her failures in the relationship. Maybe it's magic, but I immediately fell in love, looking at her photo. We began to communicate. It turned out that she's a good cook and she has a terrific sense of humor. I understood that I can't lose such woman. After several meetings I decided to propose to her. Now we are happy together. I, Irina and our faithful dog Robert.
Norton, 31

Hi! Thank you Step2Love! I found here a lot of friends and even true love! I'm Norton. I'm kind good guy. Once I was so bored. I just want somebody to talk with. I saw an ad of your site. And decided to try it. I like it a lot. I received a lot of letters from young and beautiful ladies. They all are very talkative and friendly. But one woman, her name is Valeriya, stole my heart. I don't know how, but I decided to realize that I totally fell in love. It is fantastic feeling. She is so kind, cute, she always understands me and supports my ideas even if they are crazy. I'm so happy that I've met her. She makes my life full of bright colors. I love her. I hope that we will be together forever!
Donald, 52

Hello to everyone! My name is David. I just want to share with you my happiness! Every person wants to find his soul mate. But it is so hard to find such person. At first everything starts good, but the time passed and appear some difficulties. In my life I had serious relationships for 3 times. And all of them was not successful. Maybe I never loved truly. Because of these failures, I stopped believing in love. And just enjoy's bachelor life. But with age you understand the importance of the family. People said that Slavic girls are best for family life. I decided to find such girl. Searching the Internet, I found Step2Love. Excellent search function, by the way. With it help, I found girls who are perfect for me. I started to write them. All of them reciprocated, we are pleasantly communicated. But I felt nothing. And one day I received a letter from a cute girl Oksana . She wrote something about her preferences in films. I looked at her profile and you won't believe, but I immediately fell in love. This is incredible. We can talk for hours. Now we're living together. I want to be with her every second. I am very happy!
John, 38

I want to tell you about my experience on Step2Love. I have never used dating sites. Once my friend said to me that he is dating with a Slavic woman by Internet and going to come to visit her. I was surprised! My friend is very shy with women. I thought that he is convinced bachelor. I started to ask questions about the site where he have met his woman, what is going on there and so on. After that conversation I decided to try my luckiness too. I registered and started to fill in my profile. In a minute I received ten letters and invitations to chat. It was unusual for me. I'm ordinary man, not rich, not a handsome one. Just a guy. And so many attention to me from such beautiful ladies! It was something! Finally I found few womens' profiles that I liked and wanted to know better. In communication process I came to thought that it can't be true. Too perfect women. To nice. To ideal. But I continued my communication trying to understand are they real. In one month I fell in love with Olya. She is younger than me. It was the most confusing moment. She said that it's not a problem for her. So we continued our relations on the site. I planned vacation in summer. I wanted to come to Cherkassy and meet her in person, look into her eyes, hear her voice, talk to her, hold her hand. She was excited by my arrival. We met each day for a couple hours. It gave us a chance to visit museum, cafes, walk in park. Now I know that everything is real. There are so many beautiful Slavic women who are needed in love, support, care, safety! I believe that Step2Love are doing good thing - connects hearts!
Mark, 45

Hello! I want to tell you thank you for your help, your excellent service. You gave me the most important thing in my life. LOVE. I have never been married. It was hard for me to build relations with women. This site opened for me a lot of possibilities to be genuine with women, be not shy, be able to talk about everything what is coming on my mind. In this way I met the most special girl in my life. She is my little sunshine. Right now I'm in Lviv. I will take her for a dinner tonight. I hope that our happiness will last forever. Maybe it is a little bit too romantic. But right now I'm in the most exciting point. I feel that I won a lottery. And you guessed what kind of prize I'm going to get! My love. My sunshine.
Steven, 43

I can't even remember when I registered on step2love. It took a lot time and efforts to meet my precious Anna. She was the first woman who stole my heart and keep it. First our meeting was not fabulous. I guess, it happened because of my excitement. I can't even say about what we were talking that evening. But second meeting was much better! It showed me how intelligent, kind and sweet my Annechka! We were together all week. After I returned home I had the only one thought on my mind: I want to marry this woman. I will come to see her in a week. The wedding ring is in my pocket. I hope she will say YES! Thank you, guys!

I decided to try online dating, as I wanted to try my luck! I always heard that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful, romantic women with good family values. So I had no doubt I want to check;) I was confused of such many nice ladies, but one of them draw my attention at first. She had amazing sense of humor, and for me it is very important. And then in chat when I saw her eyes, she definitely won my heart.. And during our conversation we recognized we have a lot in common. The really great part of the story, to me, was that we found each other very quickly. Guess I got really lucky! Then we organized our meeting.. I was fascinated by her more... She is a wonderful woman. I have never met anyone in my life that I so instantly felt a bond with. We understand each other wordlessly and I love her with all of my heart. I am going to visit her again this summer, and we are going to make our plans for wedding!

Hello. My name is Mark and I would like to share with you my happiness. I am not single any longer. I have found that one thanks step2love. Her name is Mariya and we met each other on this site. I always had a bad luck meeting people through the inet. But not this time! The usage of the site is easy and the number of the services they propose is really great! I like the most the possibility to see each other while talking on the step2love. It was amazing to share with each other not only photos, but interesting moments from our lives. I send her video letters, wishing her good morning and then I see her sweet smile) Man, be braver! Make a STEP to LOVE!
Me and Liza

I am so happy to tell you my own wonderful story! When I started to use this site, I felt that it can be a new stage in my life. I found the site service very convenient. There are so many beautiful ladies and sometimes I hesitated if all of them are ready to find a real love and start serious relations with a foreigner? I liked a lady that has so kind heart and she is so beautiful not only outside, but her inner world is the most beautiful. I talked with her for two months and then I understood that if we want the continuation of our relation we need a real meeting. To tell the truth, I was afraid of it so much, because we have 22 years age difference and I was afraid if she liked me or not. But our real meeting was perfect! It was in Odessa and we spent a nice and wonderful day together. We walked around the city, sat in the cozy cafe and talked so much. We understood that we are created for each other! I felt that I fell in love with her. Liza was s certain about our future and she opened all my feelings for her. Now I am in my city back and we are happy to tell you that we have a date of our wedding in Ukraine! And we plan Liza's relocation to my country. I wish all the luck to beloved that are here for real love...

Hello everyone! I would like to share my impressions about this site, and also to express my delight and extended gratitude to the creators of this online resource. Perhaps I'll start with my impressions. On the first day of my stay at this site, I was immediately surrounded the attention of women of all ages who were incredibly beautiful. Of course, such attention has put me in a little puzzled, because I in fact, not a handsome cover of the magazine, and I am not rich. So all this attention made me a profound interest and the question "What is the reason?"- I did not give me rest. So I began to find out what was happening, at each woman who wanted to talk with me. From all that I have learned and that has been told, I realized something very important - these women do not attach much importance to the appearance of men and more than that, in his wallet. I have found that by and large their main goal is to find a good, faithful, attentive and responsible men, so they do not lose the opportunity and get acquainted with all men, because among us can be the one who can make happy any of them. In fact, the same can be said of every man who is on this site, yes - my friends?) So I turn to the second part of my small story I could not even imagine how beautiful, polite, interesting, kind (I can go on and on) Ukrainian woman. Ie before I had a slight idea, which, incidentally, was quite skeptical, but the reality turned into a much astonishing. Every woman showed a deep interest in relation to my life, character, and even how to run my routine, and I managed to communicate with many of them - except the appearance of these beautiful flowers, I realized that each has a rich inner life, spirituality, and high moral and family values. Of course, I needed a long period of time to find my other half, my beloved Alice! After all, you will agree, it is difficult to find a suitable gold ring, when you find a treasure trove of jewels. And here we come to the final part, namely, gratitude for the given

To administrator of this site and to all people from the site! Thanks to everyone for bringing me and my woman together. you are doing a great job matching lonely hearts. I found her, she is so special. I am very happy now, it has been a succesful experience to me. In the end of this month we will have a wonderful time in Goa together. And looking to get married as soon as possible. I promised to her to delete my account)) We want to tell everyone that it is possible to find on this site the person of the life,it is necessary just to believe that. Good luck to everyone here!
Jimmy and Mary

I want to tell you about my life. Now I live in my own house with my wife and we plan to have kids. She cares about herself, so I am proud of her when we go out. My friends say that she is the best woman that I ever had. Also she is great hostess. All things in my house have their own places that wasn't before her appearing in my home. I have great dinner every day. But all this I have just for 4 months. Before I even didn't dream about this. My lady's name is Mary and she is from Ukraine. I found her here,on this site. I decided to write here my lovestory to show other people that all here is real.
Rick USA

My name's Rick and I was a common single American man. All this was before I found this cool site and my love here. She is the best woman that I ever met!! Her name is Natalia and she is from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. We chatted and sent letters to each other on this site for long time before I decided to do serious step in our relations – to come to see her in real. And Natalia was better than on video and photos! Now we are preparing for her visiting of my country. I hope that this is my love.
John and Natalia

Hello guys! My name's John and I'm on this site for about 6 months. I'm not very popular among women in real life, so I decided to look for my wife on this dating site. First, I was a little shy because I didn't know how to act with women and what to talk about with them. But they wrote to me first! And it helped me so much! One girl Natalia that chatted with me paid great attention to me. She wrote me letters even when I wasn't online, she just showed that she missed me and worried about me. I met her in her country and we decided to start more serious relations. We are happy together!Good luck in your search!
Harry and Svetlana, Canada

My name is Harry, and I'm a common Canadian man. I have no ideal appearance but I'm handsome enough I think. I'm not the wisest man in the world but I'm clever enough. I'm never shy to meet with a woman that I like but I still have no wife. My country is full of people from Slavic countries and there are a lot of their women too. I like this type of women: they always try to do all and at once. They try to keep their house and their family tidy, they love their husbands and children, they care about themselves and also go to work. Superwomen!!! And I decided that I must try to have relations with woman of such type. On this site I met one girl that is not so young but she is very beautiful. We met in real and I must say that she is much better then on photo that I saw. We are happy together now and I hope that one day I will call her my wife.
Austin and Lyudmila, UA

My story is very unusual, but I want to tell it because I feel that I can help someone to believe that there are a lot of ways to find love even when you are not young. I am 58 years old and I am happy. This site gave me possibility to be restored to happiness. Yes, I have enough money and great well-paid job, my own house 2 cars. But it has never brought me satisfaction, because I wanted to share with someone. I had some relations in my life, 2 marriages. I have 2 adult sons, of course I am not alone, but I needed someone next to me, close to my soul, someone with whom I could meet my oldness. When I was 26 years old I had a business trip to Ukraine. I was there 3 months. There I met a young lady Ludmila. She was 24 and so pretty. I fell in love with her but I couldn't be with her, because I had family. I didn't want to destroy my calm family life, so I even didn't try to keep in touch with her. I knew if I started to communicate with her I would leave my life here and move to Ukraine. I was afraid to be happy with Ludmila. I was too young and too stupid. But 1 year ago when I stayed alone, I reminded about her and tried to find her. I used this site for searching and guess what) I found her here. She was alone also, had 1 child but was unhappy in marriage. Can you imagine? And I said to myself:” Hey, you can not be so silly to lose her the second time. ”Now I am with her and we are living in Odessa. I have never been so happy before and God, thank you guys for your site.
Chris USA

Hello, my mission here is to tell you my story and show to someone that it is real to find love on this site. My story began last summer, when I registered on the site. By the way, I am Chris from California, the USA. Honestly, I have never liked such sites, but last summer I was the best man on my friend's wedding. His wife is from Ukraine, Odessa. I do love them both, they are so great couple. I had 2 marriages without any success. So I tried, why not? At once I got too many letters from women. Surely it was pleasant for me because most of them were so beautiful and young, sometimes even too young for me. Arghhhh I am not boy, but it is life. I am 39 years old and wanted to find woman of my age. I remember her first letter to me with a title “Hey which radio station you like best in California? I want to listen.” Honestly, she wasn't my kind of woman. I prefer dark-haired and tall women. But I even don't know how to describe my emotions, she was too close, we were on the same wavelength. And she became my good habit. Lol I used to smoke and after I met her I gave up smoking. She was like a fresh air, cold water in hot summer day. I began to enjoy every day with her. I went in for sport. I did love our live chats. We became the best friends and “lovers.” I knew a lot about her life, which wasn't perfect and simple. This summer I went to Ukraine to meet her. And what I want to say, she is incredibly beautiful and nice woman, she loves me and I love her. I hope she is my destiny and I finally found my love. So! Guys, do something if you really want to be happy!
Marco and Olga USA

My story is for all men who want to find their love here and for all women who think that men here want just to chat. I'm on this this since it was created. I like it's design and system of payments. It's very comfortable for me to use. So I tried to have communications with a lot of women here while I choosed my Olga. She is so wise and pretty woman who has a child. First she didn't want to tell her daughter that she wants to have relations with me, and she didn't want to take her on our dates. But once she did this. And I really loved them both! Her daughter is like my own daughter and I want them live with me in the USA. I have true family now who loves me and I love them!
Adam and Maria Canada

Hello , my name is Adam and I am Canadian. First of all I want to tell you a little about myself. I am widowed. My wife died 5 years ago. She was great woman and I loved her very much, but the fate is unfair. If she had not died I would not be here. She was very ill. We had no children. I am tired to be alone and I am alive, I mean I have to move on. That's why I registered here. At first it wasn't too serious for me to be here (just a dating site), but I met someone and I changed my mind completely. I know it is hard to believe how I could have such feelings, so I need to tell you this story. Two years ago I began to communicate with one lady and I fell in love with her at first sight before I even knew her. It was a feeling that I could never stop loving her beauty. Of course, if as we got to know each other, if her inner beauty was not like her outer beauty, you can fall out of love. However, she was as sweet as I expected, so the love just grew, and in a matter of weeks we decided to get married. She was from Ukraine. Odessa, when I met my future wife, she had written me three letters and I had written her six, yet I knew I wanted to marry her. After we exchanged eight letters from her and sixteen from me, I asked to marry me. She said yes if everything well when we met. Our first meeting was so emotional, and yes, I was happy like a boy. Now she is my wife and we are waiting for our first baby, our son! Love her and our future Mike.
Henry and Natalia

Hello to all men that read this! My name's Henry and my girlfriend's name is Natalia. Yes, she is a Slavic woman. She lives in Ukraine. My woman has a son from another man but I don't mind about this. Because if I love woman then I will love her kid too. I found Natalia here, on step2love.And it was the best day in my life! I will remember it always. I was in Ukraine not so long time ago and loved this country. There are so many places where you feel excited! I'm so happy now and I want to wish every person who reads this - be happy and don't be afraid to meet your woman in her country!
Richard and Anna Canada

I want to tell you my story with my lovely woman Anna from Ukraine. I found her on this site suddenly. To be honest, I thought that this is like a joke and I can't love somebody here. But I started to look on the list of video streaming and one beautiful lady caught my eye. She was so tender and special. Anna has charming eyes and so nice smile that I decided to write to her. And she told me then that she liked me too. I learned where she lives and came to her city. It was a great surprise for her but she was so happy to see me. Now I returned to my country and I have plans that I want to invite my Anna to Canada where I live. I hope that my house will get good hostess and my lonely heart will get somebody who will warm it.
Leon and Olga USA

My name is Leon, I am American, but my granny is Ukrainian. I was born in the USA, Florida. My grandfather met my grandmother when he was in business trip. They fell in love and he wanted to take my granny to the USA, but it was hard time and they couldn't live together. My grandfather could take only their baby to my country. So my father is the baby of American man and Ukrainian woman. My granny could move to America only in 1990, she wasn't young, but was so happy to be with grandfather. Now they are still together) She told me a lot of about Ukraine, culture, people. It was interesting to listen about Ukrainian women. That's why I decided to find my future wife in Ukraine, but I am busy, I have my own business here and I can not leave it and move there. The only way for searching lady from Ukraine was this site. After registration I saw a lot of profiles of very beautiful ladies. I couldn't image that they were real. Honestly, they are much more attractive and attentive than American ones. I tried to start to communicate with some of them. Then I met her. My Olechka. She was 30 years old and had son. She was divorced. I do love children and her son wasn't problem for me, I can say more, he was like a gift. We have communicated for 1 year and then I made a request for them for coming to me. I was so nervous as a teenager, but our first meeting was so great. I knew her so well. Since that time we are together and soon we will have wedding) I hope, Danil (her son) will be not the only child in our family. I love her and want to spend the whole life with this wonderful woman. Thank you, guys, for your work and your site!
Peter and Marina

Hello guys! I want to tell you my story from the site step2love.com. Now I thank God that I heard about this site and registered there. I'm very religious man so you understand that it's hard for me to find woman for myself in modern society, especial in the USA where I live. But I found this site and decided to try. It's well-known that Slavic women are better hostess then Americans. I met few women there and I even thought that it's a mistake that I login there. But the last moment I met a woman who had very closed photos and she was so shy that I really liked her. But when I met her in real life in her country I was really shocked! Marina was so tender and so good hostess (she baked biscuits for me on our first date) that I loved her! And now we are happy together! And I believe that she will be a woman with who I will live all my life.
Andrew and Irina

Hello to everybody who reads this. My name's Andrew and I want to tell you about how I found my lovely woman on this site. I have 2 adult children who have their own families and they don't live with me. I live alone for a few years. And my younger daughter said to me that I must find woman for myself and it will be very cool if she will be Ukrainian, because they are good hostesses and are very nice. I started to serf the internet and found this site where I registered. At the first day of my being here I started to talk to my future beloved. She was so tenderand we tried to build our relations. Few weeks ago I meet her family and they said that they like me!!! So I want to wish all people who are here to be so happy like me and my lovely Irina.
Kristian and Masha Canada

It is spring now. It is the season of new life. Everything is breathing with love. Spring became my favorite season 2 years ago, when I met my beloved one. My name is Kristian, I am Canadian, but my motherland is Ukraine. I migrated with my family to Canada when I was a child, but honestly I have never felt here comfortable, because I wanted to come back to Ukraine. Ukraine is so nice country with great people, especially I like women there. They are beautiful and very housewifely. As you can see, my idea of woman is Ukrainian girl. I have some relatives in this country, thats why 2 years ago I went to visit them. In the plane I met one girl, she came to Ukraine from the USA where she was working 6 months. Our communication was pretty well and I almost fell in love with her. I wanted to ask her telephone number, but in the air port I saw the man, who hugged her and kiss in the cheek. I decided that was her boyfriend. I was so upset. I remember that trip to Ukraine, it was amazing, that's why I decided to find a wife from this country for sure. When I came back to Canada I found some interesting sites where I could find woman for family from Ukraine. One of this site was Step2Love. One day I opened my e-mail box and saw a letter from one lady. And what do you think? It was her letter. Masha found me and wrote to me, she asked me why I didn't ask her phone number, because she liked me. I told her about that man and she laughed. It was her brother. I was stupid jealous man, but this site gave me the second chance to fix everything again. I won't tell you the whole story, but now we are a couple and live together in Ukraine.

Hi to everybody! My name Matt and this is my story. After my first failed marriage, for pretty long time I can`t find girl of my dream. Than I decided to use internet. I joined Ster2Love 3 years ago. I met many beautiful girls there, made new friends, but a least….I found the great mother for my children and perfect wife for me! We are living together 2 years, and 1 year in marriage. I think that without Step2Love we wouldn`t be met. Thanks for our happiness!
George Canada

Hi! I wanna share my happiness. My name is George, I`m from Canada. When I started to use this site I have no hope to find somebody who will understand me and share with me the rest of life.. But I continued to chat, until I met her on the site. First she just liked me, and I wrote it. I didn't expect that I`ll meet so congenial person. We both like to travel, winter sports and many many other things! Now we are travelling the world. Thank so much to Step2Love for the opportunity to be happy! ;)
Kris and Nastya

My name is Kris and I have a wife, she is Ukrainian and I met her on this dating site. Actually she asked me to write this story about our meeting. I was in Ukraine 2 times in 2010. I have a business there. I remember greatly when I met my wife Nastya firstly. I was sitting in the cafe on the main street in Odessa when she came in with friends. She was dressed in white long dress, and she was wearing great open smile on her pretty face. But I was with clients and I couldn't come to her table for inviting her to the dating) Nastya was not too long there, drank one cup of tea and went away. After that meeting I couldn't forget her and tried even to ask waiters about her, but nobody knew about her. I was disappointed and came back to my country. Thanks God, 21st century has the Internet and I found some dating sites where I could try to find her and BINGO!!! I found my honey on this site! Lol she was even in that write dress on the photos. I wrote a letter, where I described the situation. I told about that cafe and my sympathy to her. My future wife was shocked and of course surprised. The next 6 months we spent online here, it was the most amazing time for me, of course before real dating. When I saw her in person, I couldn't even express what I felt. I lost her and I found her. Nastya was my Queen and I felt in love like a teenager. For now we live in Canada and we are family. We are waiting for little Peter. This site gave me possibility to find my second half and I am really happy to have such great woman next to me in my life.
Stewart and Victoria

Hello, I'm Stewart. My story seems to be usual. But for me it's something special that happened to me. I have never been married and I liked this. I was the bachelor. Every day I had meetings with my friends and parties. And I thought that it was perfect life for true man. My dream was to have such way of life all the time. No kids, no wife at home. But not so long time ago I was alone at home and thinking about what I will do when I will be old. And I decided that I don't want to stay alone when all my friends have kids and families. And I registered on this site. I heard that Ukrainian women are very family-oriented and it's good way to build my family. I met one beautiful woman who caught up my heart at once. I want to try to have strong relations with her and I believe that it will come true. I have never seen anyone more beautiful than my Victoria, and I believe that her love to me is even stronger than my feelings to her!
Happy Man USA

I 'm the happiest man in the world! And I want to tell you the reason of this! I was a widower for more than 5 years. At the beginning I thought that I will become crazy of my loneliness. But then my children told me about dating sites where I can find my woman. I looked for this site on the internet and decided to try if it works. I liked few women here and communicated with them. Then one beautiful lady wrote me a letter. That letter was full of emotions and I felt that this is my girl. She was so lonely and open-minded like me. I met Svetlana in real life, we had few dates and I understood that I can't leave her alone. I made her suggestion to marry me and she agreed! I was really happy because I so much hoped for this. So don't afraid and try keep your chance!
Adam and Olga

Hello to everybody! I want to tell you about my love story that happened on this site. I live in Canada and if you know there are a lot of people from Ukraine here. Of course I know a few women from this beautiful country that I always dreamed to see. I heard that there are the best women there who are good hostesses, they cook very tasty meals and they care about themselves more then girls in my city. And few months ago my dream came true. I went to the business trip to Ukraine, to the big city called Odessa. When I was there I heard about this site and decided to see what it is. And I liked it so much! There are a lot of pretty girls that I liked. I found few women who wanted to meet me in real life too and met with them in Ukraine. All of them were so smart and cute but I chose one girl that was so shy but so nice – my Olechka. We decided to continue our communication when I was back home. And now I think that we even can start serious relations. I'm happy now!
Ron, USA

Hello to everybody! I want to share with you my happiness. Of course happiness is something special for everybody but for me it's when you come home and you feel that you are not alone there, where somebody is waiting for you and is ready to support and understand you, when she doesn't mind about your age or your job. And now I have all this! My love's name is Alina and she is younger than me for 19 years. Yes, it's big difference of the age and we have a lot of problems to marry in the USA but it's all not so important if we love each other. We want to thank the site step2love.com that we met each other there! Love and be loved!
Greg and Lida

Hi, my name is Greg and I am an artist. It is so important for me to have a muse for creation. I have never seen her before in real life, just in my dreams and thoughts. I painted her a lot of times and the whole my life she was so close to me and so far, so real and so fictional. I closed my eyes and began to paint. Her face and body were perfect, her eyes were big and green, her hair was long and dark, she was tall in my dreams. I was sure that one day I would find her. It was spring when I met her on this dating site. She was smiling to me from her photos. I felt her energy and wrote a letter. It was long and emotional letter from all heart and soul. I sent 21 roses, when I even didn't speak with her and it was like my invitation for communication. I know, someone can call me crazy man, but I felt that I found my muse and she deserved the whole world. Her answer was short, but so understandable. She wrote about her desire to meet in real. There is one letter with one phrase. I finished all my businesses in London (I am from England) and flew to Ukraine. I have some great friends in Ukraine and they helped me to arrange our first meeting. They took her to countryside, when I was waiting for her with two white horses. We were riding horses and talking. It was our first dating. I love her and she loves me. This is my story.
Brian and Milena

Hi, my name is Brian and I'm going to tell you about my gorgeous experience on Step2Love.com. Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of online meetings and keeping up an acquaintance with females online. I prefer the real girls but my friend insisted on sign up here. It was the most usual day. Her name was Milena. So marvelous, fabulous and majestic name for a lady. She wrote in the first way that I didn't expect it. Usually, I'm the initiator of communication, bit it was exception. From the first message, I realized that it's something special, unique in that girl. I couldn't wait for the real meeting anymore so I decided to go to Ukraine in the first acceptable day. The service of site helped with all things that I was impressed. Thanks them. Our meeting was in Odessa. It's the city which is situated near the Black Sea like a pearl. We went to Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater and it was awesome. So incredible things I have never seen before. What about her, she was in beauty like the night. It's a phrase by Lord Byron. Her beauty was indescribable. A long black hair, black dress of chiffon, bronzed, strong lags and so nice face. I knew that she was the woman of my dreams.
Matt and Alysia

My name in Matt and I'm a user of site Step2Love.com. More than 2 years ago I signed up for meeting and dating with my future half. Totally, I was never really interested in online dating or meeting and I was pretty sure that I will find her during the walk in the park or something in that way. But not. Her profile was kind and ridiculous and she had so nice and fabulous photos. I remembered it right now. At the first sight, I felt in love with her profile, she loved music and can play the piano. Her hobby was reading books and writing poems and prose. What about pets, she really liked dogs, more than cats and that's nice. I was going to write her and in that moment she did it. I was impressed. We have a chat more than 5 hours and it wasn't enough for me. I wanted more and more. After one month of our communication I decided that it couldn't be like that and I should go to Ukraine and meet her in real, see face, eyes, hair, body. I needed her so much as I could. And now this dog-fancier is my wife and I'm totally satisfied with our relationship and dogs, of course. She plays the piano in her free time and it's amazing. Fabulous game. I'm so proud of her and thanks this site for it.
Alex and Nina

Hello!My name is Alex and I am crazy in love with one Ukrainian girl! I will tell you our story. Some people think that it is so easy to find love, real love I mean. In their opinion, you just need to like somebody and begin to spend time together and love will come. It is not true. Love is another, deeper feeling, it can be with one person and doesn't happen with another one, even if you spend all your free time together. It's just inside your soul, and sometimes it's never mind how long you can be physically with woman. I say so because I am great example of such love. My girlfriend Nina is from Ukraine, I found her on one dating site, very cool site by the way – step2love.com. I was single 2 years ago and when I saw the advertisement of this site, I tried to use it. She wasn't the first girl with whom I was speaking, but when I saw her profile, I realized that I found her. She was nice, with great smile and big eyes and was very clever. We fell in love immediately. I couldn't imagine my life without our communication. Yes it was hard because of distance. But even so we had real relations, with great moments, with jealousy and with long chats with glasses of wine. Suddenly I understood that didn't want to lose her and came to Ukraine. Remember our first meeting and kiss, then I had to go back to the UK. Remember her tears. God, she didn't want to let me go. And it was the last point. I asked her to live with me. For now we are together in the UK. Soon she will be my wife! Thank you guys for chance to be with Nina!
Gary, 46

My name is Gary. I have been on the site Step2Love more than one year. And I'm totally satisfied with the ladies and the service. One year ago I met a half of my heart here and I want to share with you about my love story and how it was. One day I decided to change my life to the best because I was alone for more than two years on that time. So, I needed care, serenity, attraction, passion and all components of real love. After registration, one pretty girl wrote me a wonderful letter which was like a gift for me after a really lonely life. I was so happy and I'm proud of her. The first step of our relationship was communication, letters, exchange of videos and photos. But then I decided to go to Ukraine for real dating because I was falling in love with her and she was the same (I'm sure). It was a nice summer day. I had been walking in the park since early in the morning after my arrival to Ukraine. Than, I was going toward to a small bridge when I suddenly saw her. She was lying under the tree and watching on the sky. When we met the eyes, this world stopped and I felt concern for her and serenity. It was obviously, a love at first sight. I came to her and took by my hand. My feeling were so strong, so I could not ask anything. We stayed near the bridge and made shadows on the water. Our hearts pounded at the same time. We were falling in love with each other. After a long time, I will never forget this day in my life. Nowadays, I am still happy that I have such woman in my house and I really hope that you will find here what you are looking for. Thanks God and this site for this fabulous and marvelous woman.
John, 38

My name is John and I want to tell my story, how I met my love! It was strange for me) That's why I want to tell, because it is not usual and ordinary. When I was 17 years old, I saw this dream first time. Then it was repeating 7 or 8 times later, even when I was adult. This dream was about one person. I didn't know her and I've never seen her before in real. My dream began every time from unexpected meeting with this woman in the park. She was reading book and sometimes touching her long soft hair. I saw her, her figure, her clothes, but I've never seen her face. In my mind I realized that she was so pretty. Every time I came to her and asked about book, then suddenly we appeared in Paris near Eiffel Tower. In my dream we are standing, looking at it and hugging each other. Then we turn back and that's all. I don't remember what is in the end. Last summer I was registered by my friend on this site. I didn't want this, honestly never trusted such dating sites, but it was really gift from heaven. The first my letter was from one lady with long soft hair) And I couldn't find any words when I saw video, which was attached in letter! It was that park and that lady, who was sitting and reading a book! It was HER! She was real and her name was Olga! I found her! We were chatting 1 month and I came to Ukraine. Soon will be Valentine's Day and guess where will we be on this holiday? Of course we will go to Paris) Thanks to this site, which gives men possibilities to meet their couples!

I've been the member of this site, when I met her here. First of all I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Tim and I am citizen of the USA. I have 2 daughters and 1 son. I have great relations with my ex wife. We are separate for near 7 years, but she is the mother of my children, so I respect her. I am an electrician. After divorce I was alone, because I didn't want to build something new. Divorce was painful for me and it hurt me. I registered on site for fun, maybe wanted to remember how to be a man and speak with women. First of all I was surprised because I've never seen so many beautiful ladies on one site. The first letter, that I received after registration, was the letter from Elena. She was pretty, but too young for me. I am polite person and I, honestly speaking, answered just because it was the rule of etiquette. But in second letter from her I saw something special in her thoughts. She looked clever and well-educated. She understood what she wanted from life. I began to speak with her and fell in love. God I didn't know how it happened, but it was so. Every day I waited for our chat. I was so upset when she didn't have possibility to turn on the cam. But I didn't tell her about my feelings, because when we began to communicate we decided to be friends. I remembered that day when I told about my love. It was last winter. I got a letter from her with time for chat. It was usual for us, because I had work and she also had one. So I came to chat room, but she was off line. I tried to write, but she didn't answer. I began to worry about her. For 2 days I didn't know anything about her. And when I saw that she is online after those 2 days, I wrote that I loved her and asked her not to go away. She was surprised and happy! She said that she also loved me and wanted to meet in real life! I came to Ukraine last spring and we became a couple! I am happy now and I am not afraid to be hurt again, because I just found my half! I feel it! Thank you and this site for help!

Hello to everyone. I'm Pete from Canada. Wanted to write here and thank this site for its influence on my life. Thanks it I met my girl Diana. She is great and pretty woman. It was funny story. I was 30 years old when I started to chat with her using this dating site. She was a student. Firstly when I saw her I fell in love with her eyes. They were so deep and absolutely strange for me, cuz I felt that I saw them before. I have one feature, when I meet someone I can remember not even name or appearance of this person, but I greatly remember the color and size of eyes. I know it is unusual, but it was the main cause why I began to speak to Diana. I tried to understand and remember where I saw her eyes before. She has unique eyes. They have 3 colors inside. And then, when we began to communicate, she told me that she came to Canada one time last summer to her grandparents, because they are the members of Ukrainian diaspora in Canada. And yes, really, I saw her in one of the shops, when she was buying something. I looked at her and found her eyes very unique. Can you image how great it was to meet her again?) I am web designer, so I can move free and work everywhere. After near 1 year with her I came to Ukraine and found this country very nice for staying. For now we are couple and have great little princess – she is 1 year old and she is our daughter. Thanks God she has the same eyes like in her mom. I found my baby here and I won't let my happiness go. Thank you so much! You help people to change their lives for better.
Greg and Nastya

My name is Greg and I am using this site. First time it was 1 year ago when I broke a leg. I couldn't move, could just stay at home. I am 65 and I am business man. I am prosperous enough. I have a big house with a lot of rooms and a housekeeper. She is from Ukraine. She is 55 and very kind. I bought this house for family, but I was still alone. Galina (my housekeeper) told me every day that I need to find woman and have children. I wanted the same. The whole my life I have been working and now, when I am 65, I want to have family and heirs. The house is empty without children laughter. Galina told me a lot of about Ukraine, her life there and about women. She told that they are nice and thoughtful. And now, when I was laying with a broken leg, I wanted woman near me who would care about me. I remember how Galina smiled when I told her about this. She said that the best women were in Ukraine and it was better for me to go there and find wife in this country. It was like joke! But next day when I was surfing the Internet, I wrote in the search: ”Need to find wife from Ukraine” and the first link was to this site. For me it was the first experience of using such sites, but I liked it. I met here a lot of great women, they really wanted to find man for life. And of course I met her, my future wife Nastya. She is 40, and she has 2 children and even one grandson. She is beautiful, clever woman with open and warm heart. I fell in love like a boy. Two months ago I arrived to Ukraine, to Nikolaev for meeting with her. It was amazing feeling to see her in real! When I was in Ukraine I helped her to begin to open visa and now we are in my country. Thank you and the site for great woman in my life!
Steven and Elena

Last summer I was registered on this site. My goal was to find woman with whom I can build family. I've already had marriage, but seven years ago I was divorced. The problem was in relations with my ex wife. She didn't allow me to speak with my children and she said that if I found another woman, she would sue kids. Why did I use the site for searching woman in another country ? I tried to find someone in my country, who can understand my situation and try to support me. But I failed. I have relatives in Ukraine and I knew about Slavic women, about their patience and homely character. I needed lady like this. So, at site I met my destiny! She was sweet and understandable. Elena agreed to stay with me, even after my story about children. She said that we would fight for them together. She has even come to me when I had litigation. And I've won it. This summer,in June, I came to Ukraine for meeting with Elena and made a proposal ))) She was waiting for it and of course she said :”YES”. The whole June I was in Odessa (the native city of Elena). She introduced me to her relatives. Firstly they were against, but during the month I was showing them how I love their girl) And they gave up! )) For now we are preparing for wedding, we will make it in Ukraine. I still have problems with ex, but I am sure that all will be okay, because now I have my second half and I am stronger then ever. I am writing all this to men who have lost their hope to be happy!
Tom and Galina

I'm a common guy from the USA, and I think everyone knows that ladies in by state are less interested in men than, for example, in Ukraine. I have no idea why it is so, but when I also realized this fact, I had to do at least something not to stay alone till the end of my life. Unfortunately, my love story is not as thrilling as some others( Everything was quite typical, but this fact doesn't reduce my happiness! I came to this site one day and was looking around to figure out how it works. The first day I received several letters, and even opened them but wasn't interested in what I read. So, I decided that it is better to go to chat and see who there is with camera on. And I saw Galina. She was so beautiful, absolutely the same way she looks on her gorgeous pictures! This made me try to chat with her, and I succeeded. We turned to have much in common, like, we both have dogs at home, and we both were never married, and we like to read the same books. All this made my heart melt with tenderness to this lady. As a result, I fell in love! We are no longer communicating through the site, because I came to her and she agreed to leave her country with me! And we live together. But still, I wanted to leave my love story, as I didn't expect to find my destiny!
Gregory, 45, and Lora, 25

I absolutely agree with those who say that love has no age. Of course it doesn't! We love with our souls, and they are immortal and have no age, so do I think! I never regretted that I came to this site. Here I met Lora – she was never afraid of my age, and when I offered my friendship to her, she agreed and accepted it. We talked a lot about different stuff, I liked to know more about her and her life. She told me different things about Ukraine, and I became interested in this country. I just decided to go there for a holiday trip, and had lots of fun. But then I thought that if I came, I can try to offer Lora to meet – and she agreed. We walked together around her town and she told me its history. And after that walk I understood that I'm in deep love with her, and I took all my courage to ask her to be my another half. And she gladly agreed! This was a true evidence of power of love which has no boundaries. I'm really glad that once I came to this site, as if not – I would never met my Lora.
Bruce USA

Honestly I have never trusted the sites like this one. But I changed my opinion after knowing one story. My name is Bruce and I have the best friend. His name is Luis. He is not young,but he is alone. He is widower. He had great family, 3 children and loving wife, but she died 10 years ago after having cancer. She was Ukrainian. He has closed from the outside world for 6 years. He was living for children. Then he had some attempts to find woman, but he refused all of them. He began to drink. I saw all of this and it was hurt for me. I didn't know how to help. Children were teenagers for that time, two of them were girls, they needed to have mother. They had so many questions. Of course sometimes girls can not tell all for father, just because he is man. Luis needed a woman. He needed a friend. He needed care and support. One day I was surfing the Internet and found one site, where foreign men can meet with Ukrainian and Russian ladies. I registered there, but I created profile for Luis, not for myself. I loaded his photo and wrote all information about him. Next day I opened the post box and saw near 4 letters from ladies to Luis's profile. I phoned to him and told about all I did. First he was upset, but then he asked me to give him the login and password from the site. I saw the changes immediately. My friend began to keep fit and stopped to drink. He began to smile. Later he told me about meeting with one nice lady from site. She arrived to him to USA. She accepted his past and his children, even more, they bought a dog) Now Luis and Anna are happy!They are together and they are preparing for wedding. This site saved my friend. Just wanted to share this great story to men who lost their hope.
Brian 40, and Irina 29

When I understood that I have almost lived half of my life and all this time I was alone, I began to panic! What can I do now, when I'm 40 years old and have never been married. I thought that a dating site is a good option where I will find my fiancée. I thought that all these young girls are not for me. I was not sure that a girl of 20 years will understand me. Luckily, there were women of approximately my age, so I could think over with whom I wanted to talk to. Spending a month on the site, I got acquainted with Irina. I saw her in online chat where she was trying to find her fate just like I did, and we both were lucky that day. For the first time we talked for 3 hours without a stop, and I was amazed with her intelligence and beauty. She understood me from half a word and could support any topic I offered and wanted to discuss. I felt myself happy. After that I tried to communicate with her as often as possible. Frankly speaking, I was nervous. She is beautiful and well-educated, and even can cook well – and there are so many men on the site, what if she chooses someone else? I sent her a bouquet of flowers and dared to present her a golden necklace, but still thought that I should come myself, as not a single gift will replace me real. I made a surprise and came unexpectedly. She was surprised to find out from her agency that I came to her! But she came the next day to see me in real, and that moment made all my doubts vanish, as here she was – the woman of my dreams. So, later we started to live together and are for 2 years together. I will never let my Irina go, as I love her more than my life!
Canada, Joel, 54, and Ukraine, Varvara, 36

I was really lonely in Canada. As I'm 54, I was no longer interesting for women. The majority of them already have families, and those who doesn't prefer making career. So, i thought of looking for a couple in another country. As far as I managed to find out, Slavic countries are the most popular among people like me, so I chose Step2Love for the beginning, and my way was successful. Here are lots of women who showed interest to me. This was unusual for me, as our Nothern women are much less active in this question, and usually behave colder. Hard to understand what's on their mind. But here I noticed my Varvara. Her name was so Slavic and beautiful, I wanted to figure out if her character is as beautiful as her appearance. And I liked what I read from her. She was interested in finding a mature man from another country, and I wanted a lady from Ukraine, so two lonely hearts finally met. I had to come to Ukraine to meet her. That was hard for me, as our coutries are really far from each other. However, I delt with this, and I loved our time we spent together in her city. So much real communiation and so many walks and mutual timespending - everything I was dreaming about. I'm going to come to her again, as I miss her now awfully, and want her to always be in my life and in my heart. Hope that she will agree! I wish everyone on this site become as happy as I am, finding their woman and true love.
Walter (USA) and Sophia

How can I express all my gratitude to this site? I'm just really, really happy that I came here two years ago! Of course, communication here took time, as some ladies were looking not the same direction as I did, but still I managed to reach happiness with my Sophia! She won my heart at once. She was brave enough to write me the first, and this attracted my attention. How could I not notice her beauty and this passion in her eyes? And her smile. I understood that I was lost in her. I couldn't think about anyone but her after our first video chat. Of course, we had some problems like all couples who are in long-distance relations, but our trust and hope in each other helped us to deal with everything! Now we are working on her documents so that she can move to me and we finally get married! Thank you, Step2Love, you made me the happiest man in the world!
Brian and Nataliya

You never know where can be your soulmate , because you can live in one country and she lives on the other half of the world ! Step2love gave me a chance to find my soulmate. I live in USa , and she lives in Ukraine , and we would never met each other without help of this site...... There are no words in this world , that could describe how happy I am now and there are no words in this world to thank you enough , Step2Love !!!!!! With best regards
Ismail and Julia

We were looking for each other within long years. It was really difficult because we were born in different countries of different continents. We didn't even know anything about each other. But I always believed that she waits for me somewhere, my only one, my real soul mate. I registered at Step2Love.com without any specific idea whom I'm looking for. I browsed ladies' profiles and one day... One day she sent me a letter and I was surprised. This beauty was really smart so managed to change my opinion about beautiful blondes. In a few months we met at real date in Ukraine and I'm thankful to Step2Love Team for organizing our meeting. It was so impressively that in my second visit to Ukraine I offered Alina my hand. She took my offer and said that she couldn't wait till I'll do it! This week we started making preparations to our future wedding and we are happy! Thank you, Step2Love! You have a chance to connect all the lonely soul mates in this world!
Leonard & Masha

Despite the fact that I'm just 25 years old, I suddenly realized that I can't find a girl of my dreams in my native country. I have a nice job at the bank and I earn enough money to have a good car, so they were only interested in my money and not in my character or inner world. My job didn't allow me to leave the place for too long, so I had to use Internet for this. I found Step2Love and read lots of positive feedbacks about it, so I thought that probably this is it. I had an opportunity to talk to beautiful ladies who know only what I said about myself, and finally I managed to choose myself who will be by my side and not to watch dozens of girls fighting for me even not asking whether I want them. My Masha was so modest that she didn't care about my income. She finished the university as a lawyer and earned herself. I liked that she didn't want to depend on me and wanted to help me even in financial questions. When I first came to her, I told her all the truth. Looked almost like a poor guy becoming a prince suddenly. She was so impressed that at first she was abused and didn't want to talk to me, as I lied about myself. When I finally managed to explain her everything, she almost understood my situation though was slightly angry at me for some time more. I took her with me. She had to receive a new certificate in my country and now works as a successful lawyer, and we are both happy together!
Alina and Phil

We were looking for each other within long years. It was really difficult because we were born in different countries of different continents. We didn't even know anything about each other. But I always believed that she waits for me somewhere, my only one, my real soul mate. I registered at Step2Love.com without any specific idea whom I'm looking for. I browsed ladies' profiles and one day... One day she sent me a letter and I was surprised. This beauty was really smart so managed to change my opinion about beautiful blondes. In a few months we met at real date in Ukraine and I'm thankful to Step2Love Team for organizing our meeting. It was so impressively that in my second visit to Ukraine I offered Alina my hand. She took my offer and said that she couldn't wait till I'll do it! This week we started making preparations to our future wedding and we are happy! Thank you, Step2Love! You have a chance to connect all the lonely soul mates in this world!
The happiest Lars and Lara

I was always sure that life without beloved one is meaningless and aimless. Life without love is insipid. That's why in a few years after the death of my precious wife I decided to find a new love with Slavic woman. I had heard a lot about them, about their beauty and devotion, so registered here, at Step2Love without any doubts. It took a long time to find my Lara. I met her one lonely evening in Live Chat and she was really engaging! She was so young and sweet that I had thought this lady isn't intended to be my wife! I'm too old for this young beauty! But after a few weeks of our communication I invited her to the real date. We discussed our meeting many times but she always tried delay it. Finally I understood that she's afraid so I called and tried explain that I'm afraid of our meeting more! She burst out laughing and agreed meet me! What can I say? It was a sparkle! Next week she acquainted me with her parents and next year I invited her to Austria. Today we are happy thanks to Step2Love!
Lowrence and Valeria

I'm a traveler by spirit, can't stay for too long on the same place, I constantly want to change locations, cities and coutries. Due to my job I always had the opportunity to do this, but as a result I didn't manage to find a wife, cause I simply didn't have time for this. And when I became... old... I decided to settle down. But women around me are all married or so old, I didn't want to see someone like that by my side, I didn't want to worry that my beloved person could not wake up in the morning, I wanted someone vivid and lively, so I spent some time searching and stopped on Step2Love. It looks nice, here are lots of ladies of all kinds, and I stayed. I was talking to different ladies, the majority of them turned to be quite interesting and inteligent, but I stopped my choice on Valeria. She knows English and she also wanted to travel like me, so she agreed to spend her life with me, and I'm really happy with this! And my happiness is all due to Step2Love!
Mark and Olga

I have been alone for almost 10 years. My wife died when I was 40, and I was in a grief for long-long years. Suddenly I understood that I left completely alone. Of course, I have friends, but my children grew up and left my home... They have their own life and families, they come to see me on holidays, but still I come back in the evenings into empty house. I fell into depression and spent some time in it, until one of my friends advices me Step2Love. At first I didn't want to go there and waste my time, but after a couple of days I saw that it was great! There are so many beautiful ladies here, so much communication which I lacked! And what is most important – I found my beautiful and tender Olga, Olya, Olechka! We talked for approximately a year on the site! We could spend hours in chat! Finally I decided to come to Ukraine and to see her – and I fell in love for the second time! And this was mutual! I took her with me to the USA and we got married! Now I feel like my second life started, and I am at last happy again, and my home is no longer empty and cold. Thank you, Step2Love!

We are an international couple. Morgan was looking for a wife and finally got her profile on a web-site step2love. After 2 month corresponding he decided to go to UKRAINE and see her. As a French man who knows not only native language but English as well he was sure he'll get a good understanding. Her English wasn't reach by this time but good enough for simple communication. Anyway they fall in love and got a decision to get married in France. Due to long official document preparation Katya had started to learn French and improve her English also. So far everything is getting well for both, they almost got all necessary documents and French visa to Katya. They already set up the wedding date and looking forward for this bright and very important day in their life. Thankfully to step2love they both found wonderful relationship and love. Thanks for our happiness!

We met each other on a web-site step2love. We were corresponding for several month before first time meet in real life. all that time our communication was through this very web-site which is very easy and convenient for using. more than 100 letters were written both of us to each other and finally we got a common decision to meet and learn each other better. we both so grateful to you for our relationship and life we finally get together. Steve truly considered himself one of the happiest person on the Earth because he eventually got a real love, beautiful, caring and loving women like Irina. Thanks very much to site's creators for the work they've done for people who want to find a happiness and love.

Are you going to change your life? Are you ready to open your heart to the wind of changes and take a step to your future? As for me, I must say that I was quite sure I'm not a family-oriented person. No, no, no! Wife and kids? Big happy family? Oh, I was sure it is not for me! I don't believe in such fairy tales, hehehe. Actually, I didn't. Anyway I was tired of being alone and wanted just to find someone who will join my life and will become my mate. I don't know what for, but I registered at different Dating sites. I started my search here without big enthusiasm. I saw many classy gorgeous ladies who was soooo beautiful that even looked unreal. I didn't believe they were true. In spite of that I started our communication. I met in chat some of my new acquaintances and found they are real! And in reality they are even more charming than at their photos! Some ladies seemed interested in me. We had much in common, they were disappointed in men of their country, Ukraine. So I decided to visit Ukraine and organize our first meeting in persons. Yes, some of them gave up. But three others were glad to meet me. I stayed there longer than I planned. After I met my Irinka I understood I don't want anything more. I don't need anything more. All I need is her love. I took a getaway that was continued for a month. Yes, I spent a lot of time (and, seems, a lot of money too, hehehe) to conquer her heart. But I don't regret anything, it was worth it! I fell in love with her from the first moment of our meeting and the more we communicated, the more she liked me. She introduced me to her parents and her son, Nikita. We became good friends with Nikita and our relationship influenced greatly on Irinka's decision. Finally – yes! - she agreed to marry me! A guy who was disappointed in love, who didn't believe in family – yes, now I'm happy with my wife and my son! During my trip to Ukraine I understood a little more about Ukrainian ladies. They are truly incredibly beautiful. And they are really family-oriented, they don't afraid to marry a foreigner. They are perfect wives (especially my Irinka!). They just want to find “a right man” who will prove them his love and faithfulness! Don't afraid to change your life and to win a heart of your lady!

There is no person in the world that may be completely happy while he is feeling lonely. Of course sometimes we do need to stay tat-a-tat with our thoughts. But normally it is a temporary state otherwise it brings pain and sadness out. Lonely men and single ladies all over the world are looking for the special one. And the international dating makes this meeting possible. That is how a love story starts! That is how a future perfect match makes the first steps!

Love and friendship gives the best emotions ever to feel satisfaction and harmony. An exciting hobby or an interesting work cannot make any person totally happy if there is nobody next to share your success. The people who love – are the most successful ones! So if there is no love in your life it is high time to change the situation. Charming, single and beautiful Russian women are wishing to share the best emotions with the man they have chosen to build serious and true relationship.

So if you are ready to give a chance to your happy future with a lovely lady, if you really would like to know what love is and if you want to taste the power of amazing feelings – don't ever hesitate and start your own love story now! Believe in love and success will love you!